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Jestesmy ludzmi z jednego miasta. Znamy sie doskonale, gramy ze soba od "niemowlat". Tysiace godzin wspolnej gry za nami. Czas pokazac na co nas stac.

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29.10.2017, 20:32 offline quote 

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18 Sep 2017
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Facebook's new Snooze button makes it easier to silence annoying friends  
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Snapchat blocks Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia
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An ongoing series?
The Banksy piece - which was put up on Sunday - is part of an ongoing Bansky series that focuses on the camp.?
Banksy has previously used a mural of Steve Jobs carrying a computer and all of his belongings to draw awareness to the fact that Jobs was the son of Syrian migrants,cheap real jordans.
The piece sits at the entrance to the Calais Jungle and was?surrounded with the,cheap jordans?text "London Calling" - in which Jobs is the 'I',Kicksokok.com. ?It has now?been defaced.?
Jobs' father was from the Syrian city of Homs,cheap jordans for sale. He emigrated to the US before Jobs was born.?
It is thought French police are using the tear gas to create a 100-metre buffer zone between the camps and motorway. It's the same area that was bulldozed last week.? ,http://www.sam-clan.com/web/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=71236cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping.com/bolg?

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