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Jestesmy ludzmi z jednego miasta. Znamy sie doskonale, gramy ze soba od "niemowlat". Tysiace godzin wspolnej gry za nami. Czas pokazac na co nas stac.

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13.06.2017, 09:02 offline quote 

Cape Town - The
whale shark which took refuge in the warmer waters of the Knysna lagoon
since this weekend has died due to the icy ocean temperatures as well as 'suspected propeller damage'. 
This is according to SANParks' Knysna area environmental monitor Jene Conradie, speaking to the
Knysna-Plett Herald
 on the scene. 
Conradie says that it's possible the cold water initially placed the juvenile whale shark into a numb state of shock over the weekend when water temperatures in the ocean dropped to 8°C, after which the tide carried it into the estuary at Knysna. 
Despite rescue efforts throughout the weekend, the whale shark kept returning to the sand banks as rescue workers tried to push it back out to sea. 
Conradie says that the noise pollution generated by boat propellers also likely added to the animal's stress.  
Sadly, the National Sea Rescue Institute and SANParks rangers over the weekend urged visitors and especially boat operators in the area to be mindful of the vulnerable whale shark in the Knysna lagoon. 
Watch the video below to see the full explanation as given by Conradie and honorary ranger Baden Hall - 
The NSRI assisted in a rescue attempt when the shark beached on Saturday, 11 March. Appearing ill and weak, the animal was assisted in breathing by pumping water through its gills, the NSRI said. 
Although rescue workers from the NSRI and South African National Parks manage to strengthen the animal and swim it back out to the deep sea, it kept returning to the warmer waters close to the sand banks. 
The animal has since been declared dead. Samples have been taken for marine biologists at Bayworld in Port Elizabeth to analyse, after which the whale will be pushed back out to the ocean for "nature to take its course," Conradie says. 
This is what the whale shark looked like in the Knysna lagoon - 
What to read next on

WATCH: Whale shark takes up residence in Knysna lagoon despite rescue efforts

PICS: SA photographer named one of the best Underwater Photographers of 2017

#ShockWildlifeTruths: Rare beaked whale euthanised, 30 plastic bags found inside
Weather Update: Cold, dry weather predicted for most of SA
SA Weather Service predicts 30% chance of rain for drought-stricken Western Cape, and cold, dry weather for most of SA.
Cape Town
Dozens of prisoners injured in Leeuwkop prison fire
Port Elizabeth - Three people were killed and a further 26 injured in a clash between prisoners and wardens at the St Albans Prison in Nelson Mandela Bay on Monday.
The prison has a history of inmates attacking their guards and has the reputation of being the most violent correctional facility in the Eastern Cape.
Health department spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo confirmed that emergency service personnel had been dispatched to St Albans following a brawl between inmates and guards on Monday.
Kupelo confirmed that one inmate is believed to have died from his injuries at the hospital facility on site, while a further two inmates died from their injuries after being transferred to the Livingstone hospital for further treatment.
Kupelo said several wardens had been among those transported to hospitals and that a total of 26 people had been injured in the brawl, and that 10 were in a critical condition. Kupelo said that circumstances surrounding the incident remained unclear.
Free for all
Eastern Cape Correctional Services Provincial Commissioner, Nkosinathi Breakfast, confirmed that there had been an incident at St Albans prison but said the full details were not yet available and that the department would only be issuing a statement on the matter on Tuesday.
According to a statement from the department of correctional services, three inmates died and 25 offenders and five officials sustained injuries following the incident which began at 09:00 on Monday.
Since the incident the prison has been under lockdown, with no visitors being allowed. Many family members of inmates at the prison, who were hoping to visit their loved ones on Boxing Day, were turned away at the gate.
The incident is believed to have broken out in the C Max section of the prison during the breakfast session, with initial reports that a prisoner stabbed a warder, sparking a free for all. Prisoners, believed to have been armed with shanks - homemade stabbing implements - attacked the wardens, who retaliated.
The deputy minister of justice and correctional services, Thabang Makwetla announced that he will visit the prison on Tuesday, accompanied by the department of correctional services national commissioner, Zach Modise.
Officials will address the media on Tuesday at 12:00.
Sources said it was a well-known fact that inmates pick up rank among the prison gangs if they drew blood from their guards.
In 2014, the SA Correctional Services Workers’ Union (Sacoswu) called for an investigation and sought legal action against the management of the St Albans facility after two guards were stabbed within four days of each other.
At the time Sacoswu said there had been 28 attacks by inmates on warders over a period of 18 months, with many wardens resigning due to the ongoing violence against them.
Kept in the dark
Some family members of prison wardens took to Facebook to complain that they had been kept in the dark by the department following the incident, with rules preventing wardens from carrying cellphones while on duty compounding the situation.
"My sister is working there and shez on duty as we speak all we are doing is 2 pray coz we cant even contact her due 2 cellphones that are not allowed while inmates have landlines are ringing with no response......tough, [sic]" wrote Mapat Mzwali.
Mercia Brink said her brother-in-law also worked at St Albans and she had had to inform her sister about the incident after hearing about it through her sister-in-law.
"We don’t have a clue about what’s going on, cant even call my brother-in-law as they may not have their phones on them. The uncertainty makes a person crazy," she said.
Call for investigation
Democratic Alliance spokesperson on correctional services, James Selfe, said that he was "deeply concerned by reports that one inmate has been killed and another critically injured at the St Albans Prison in Port Elizabeth".
He said the DA would "request that the Department conduct a full and thorough investigation into the events that led to this death and injury".
"It is not the first time that violent events have occurred at this prison and we cannot allow such incidents to go unaccounted for," Selfe said.
"The DA will further be writing to the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services to request the Minister to appear before the Committee as soon as possible at the start of 2017 to account to Parliament for the events," he added.
Read more on:   
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