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Jestesmy ludzmi z jednego miasta. Znamy sie doskonale, gramy ze soba od "niemowlat". Tysiace godzin wspolnej gry za nami. Czas pokazac na co nas stac.

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26.10.2017, 21:42 offline quote 

Like a giant looming fog cloud, Lent is once again upon us,cheap air jordans, which means that swathes of people will be giving things up and making a big deal of it.
Already, our dear leader Theresa May has thrown down the gauntlet and packed in snacking on her beloved salt and vinegar crisps. Bully for her – but here’s an idea:?rather than making your penance giving up chocolate,jordans for cheap, or avoiding a very specific flavour of crisps, how about taking your pick from this short list of far more worthy sacrifices and seeing how you get on?
1. “Banter” of any sort
You call it “banter”,cheap jordans for sale,http://www.nwp-clan-lan.de/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=2989332cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping.com/bolg, but really it’s just “exhausting conversation”, a horrible avalanche of incessant quipping that eventually dries up and leaves you with a worn, hollow feeling inside. A bit like you want to cry.
For Lent, try just having normal conversations with each other.
2,cheap jordans online. Walking along looking at your smartphone
Possibly the worst social crime you can commit. No one is so important that they must check their emails in the middle of a busy street, and there’s not a meme in the world worthy of your attention while climbing the steps to your office. Tell you what,https://www.harphomeservice.com/index.php/component/blog/blog.htmlcheapjordanshoesfreeshipping.com/bolg, get a Nokia.
Facebook's new Snooze button makes it easier to silence annoying friends  
18 Sep 2017
Why do crisp packets have so much air in them?  
iPhone 8: UK release date,cheap jordans, price,Kicksokok.com, specs and best features of Apple's new phone
15 Sep 2017
'The kettle's on': Londoners have very British response to Parsons Green terror attack  
15 Sep 2017
Nasa waves emotional goodbye to Cassini after death plunge into Saturn 
15 Sep 2017
First pictures emerge after explosion on Tube train at Parsons Green  
iPhone 8: UK release date,http://www.riji001.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=566389&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=1461406cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping.com/bolg,cheap retro jordans, price and best features of Apple's new device
15 Sep 2017
Animojis,cheap real jordans, facial recognition and no home button: How the new iPhone X features will work
The dark side of the designer dog trend: Why it's cruel not cute  
14 Sep 2017
10 things you could buy with a new £10 note in 2000 v 2017  
14 Sep 2017
Could your child be a psychopath? Six signs to watch out for  
Apple suffers embarrassing demo Face ID fail at iPhone X launch 
13 Sep 2017
Serena Williams shares first photo of newborn daughter on Instagram  
Chainsaw-wielding nun helps with Hurricane Irma clean-up 
13 Sep 2017
'RIP home button': How the internet reacted to the iPhone X launch
12 Sep 2017
Emotional Tim Cook opens new iPhone event with tribute to Steve Jobs at Apple Park  
12 Sep 2017
Student stunned when hero professor offers to babysit son during lecture
11 Sep 2017
Miami streets turn into rivers as Hurricane Irma blasts Florida  
11 Sep 2017
World's most popular YouTube star PewDiePie accused of making racial slur 
08 Sep 2017
Connie Johnson: Australian campaigner dies after receiving top honour 
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Why Logan isn’t just another superhero film – it’s the tale of a modern legend
It was OK to ignore superhero films until Logan
The day my freewheelin’ hero Bob Dylan became a legend
The day my controversial hero Diego Maradona became a legend
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