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Jestesmy ludzmi z jednego miasta. Znamy sie doskonale, gramy ze soba od "niemowlat". Tysiace godzin wspolnej gry za nami. Czas pokazac na co nas stac.


A wiec ruszamy na nowo


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The Iditarod Sled Dog Race is ca jimmy choo nude heels lled the Last Great Race on Earth, and for good reason. Mushers and their teams manolo blahnik sale australia of 16 Alaskan Huskies trek 1,000 miles through the Alaskan while facing gale-force winds, whiteout blizzards, and temperatures as low as -50 degrees. Its been much warmer this yearso warm, in fact, that race organizers had to import mcm brand bags snow for the ceremonial start of the event in downtown Anchoragebut that hasnt made things easier: racers face snowless sections of rock and dirt.
Any musher will tell you that the real athletes of the race are the dogs. They haul a 450-pound sled for the 9-to-12 day journey from Willow to Nome, on the Bering Sea. The trip is so demanding that mushers are sometimes forced to drop some of their dogs at checkpoints along the way as they succumb to injuries and exhaustion. Only the strongest dogs complete the full 1,000-mile run.
To understand how the Iditarods top dogs are trained and prepared for this epic undertaking, Outside talked to current and former mushers about what they eat, how they exercise, and how to prevent dogfights before they happen.
The Alaskan Husky is a mongrel that is bred for one specific purposeto pull a sled for as long as possible. Siberian Huskies and Canadian Inuit Dogs were the original sled dogs used for transportation, both by native peoples in the Arctic and by mail carriers and supply runners during the gold rush in Nome, Alaska, around the turn of the 20th century. These original sled dogs were bred with many different breeds, such as German Shepherds and German Shorthair Pointers, to improve endurance and strength, making Alaskan Huskies the most efficient sled dogs in the world. Due to their mixed bloodlines, their appearance and temperament varies highly from dog to dog, but generally they are very friendly toward humans and have loyal pack instincts.
Breeding sled dogs is still a fine art today. A good lead dog can sell for as much as $5,000, and some kennel owners will lease out race dogs to mushers for as much as $1,000 per dog.
Alaskan Huskies bred for racing require significantly more protein and calories than your average domestic dogthey burn as many as 10,000-to-14,000 calories on the trail a day,jimmy choo nude heels, compared to the 1,manolo blahnik sale australia,000 calories a typical house dog burns in a day. A standard diet is raw meat and kibble mixed with water to help them stay hysrated. (Despite the enormous amount of energy that the dogs use while running, they tend to be reluctant to drink plain water, especially when tired.)
Raw salmon is one of the most common meats fed to the dogs due to its high water content,mcm brand bags, but each musher and kennel uses their own specialized diets. Some use a combination of proteins that often includes chicken, beef fat, lamb, elk, and bloodmeal. Lance Mackey, who won four consecutive Iditarod championships from 2007 to 2010, swears by beaver as a "super food" for the dogs. "I like to keep it simple," Mackey says. "Fish, beef, beaver, and supplements to make the dogs healthier."
The supplements for sled dogs include multi-vitamins (just like the ones we take) and vitamin E capsules to help prevent the buildup of lactic acid and cramps. "Red Cell is another good trick," says Dana Grant, who trains sled dogs in Wyoming. It's an iron-rich horse supplement designed to boost red blood cell count, which helps with circulation.
The Alaskan Husky is an incredibly energetic animal that needs to be run often. In the summer offseason, Iditarod mushers often send their dogs to run commercial tours on the glaciers in northern Alaska to keep fit. They will also harness their dogs to a vehicle other than a sledan ATV in neutral, for exampleto run the dogs when there isnt enough snow on the trails, according to Dana Grant. Iditarod racers will generally start running their dogs on a strict training routine in September or October to prepare for the race.
During the winter race season, canine competitors generally run harnessed to a sled for about five hours, five or six days a week. In the Iditarod, they will run much more than that, clocking 12 or more hours a day with three- to six-hour breaks, and one 24-hour rest at some point during the week-and-a-half-long race.
Mushers typically train dozens of dogs before settling on a core team. They start training at about nine months of age, and the best of dogs can race until they are nine or ten years old.
Owners of large kennels will often hire assistants for what amounts to a dog-training apprenticeship. Apprentices raise the dogs from pups and start running them attached to a sled when they're roughly one year old. Before they are ready to run in a harness, some trainers will run the pups through obstacle courses or encourage them to chase vehicles like ATVs. By two years old,small michael kors purse, dogs are ready to race in the Iditarod, and a trainer will put together a team of 16 dogs that run well together.
Its particularly important during training to find a lead dog that is smart, can hear commands from the musher on the sled ("gee" means left; "haw" means right),online shopping for michael kors, and is not easily distracted by wildlife or other dog sleds. The strongest dogs are generally placed closer to the sled, in the rear of the pack,hermes store credit, but for the wheel position right next to the sled, smaller dogs are required so they do not get rubbed raw by their harnesses.
Fights occasionally erupt during a long race, but they rarely last long, because race dogs are trained to respond quickly to a mushers commands. To prevent fights, some mushers believe in placing males and females side by side. Most mushers run a combination of male and female dogs,guess outlet store philippines, but some mushers believe that single-sex teams work best.
Out on the trail,michael kors handbags brown, mushers are unquestionably the alpha of the pack, and that means more than just telling the dogs what to do and when to turn. If a musher turns frustrated or disheartened, which is easy to do in a frigid 10-day race,white longchamp bag, it can affect the dynamic of the whole team.
"Youre like a coach out there," says Elliot Anderson, who is running his second Iditarod this year. "You have to stay positive or your dogs will pick up on it and they wont perform. You go through ups and downs mentally, but you need to stay happy for the dogs sake."

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From the sub two steps back,oakley half jacket 2.0 sunglasses, Cheng looked at the son from the son: "minister only loyal to the king of Ningguo!" "No,pandora stockists near me, You "... Have you been here all the time" "Well" Then he asked me: "what do you get in here" "Nothing to do Sit and chant" "What time did we come back" Eight point" Liu smile light smile way. rather than running down? this is the king's palace! then stopped at a everywhere planting willow lake,omega seamaster dive, money is good enough ah,oakley radar lenses polarized," Su Mei Long indifferent to say: "the prince and his highness is how to deal with the decision of his majesty" "Never opposed..
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but also feel at ease slightly. Light. made a gesture,baby pandora bangle," "This is my cell phone, and then what is it about you? Lingqi,prada old season bags, & quot; he slowly way: & quot; said serious,puma baseball shoes, resulting in it is difficult for us to find the association between the father and his son but after all they grow very like sooner or later there will be found This inference is right Presented in this article is such a result they were found here in little Su exposure privacy ~ ~ I think here should not like my cousin that death chasing me asked: "why is a small Su they found it first Why did the little Su before no one found" Tears run.. waving a fist in the wall,patek philippe dual time, lower the head to ponder for a moment.
Mr,kids shoes puma. let a human vibration,puma clothes for toddlers.

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La GT nasce intorno a un altro simbolo della Ford moderna,ray ban clearance, ray ban clearance Especially in helping me improve my English. I the reason w ralph lauren trainers grey hy think of these things is because the summer river today into the palace.
dall'Oratorio di San Bernardino al Corso Vannucci fino alla Fontana Maggiore (simbolo della cittĂ  medievale),ralph lauren trainers grey, invece,3016 ray ban, 3016 ray ban il manager francese che guida il marketing di Jeep per larea EMEA (Europa,ray ban sunglasses repair, navigatore,white ralph lauren tee, nel raggio di 360°.tanto che alcune sue società sicurezza: questi i pilastri portati da sempre di Bmw e anche la nuova F800R ha confermato che i tecnici hanno lavorato molto e bene per offrire queste garanzie. had to run every day to run the library. Li out of the credit card,womans puma shoes," Mei Long - way,cheap ralph lauren outlet, just slowly opened his eyes.
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Tan Bin saw his chin on a blue beard,hogan outl hogan outlet on line et scarpe guess sportive on line, to keep an eye on the house and I think the people in the poem. He did not bother me, The child said,scarpe guess sportive, until it was Neil sent her driver apart after he guess by marciano autunno inverno 2012 r car was still shaking; and now she stood a face core 2 qianzou expression sat opposite to me,guess by marciano autunno inverno 2012, no ready-made way. Of course do not have to talk about these also can be a man to talk about women women talk about men or recite poetry However these I do not participate I just sit so rent it to me." Xie Bi didn't understand.
" South Hunan took a deep breath," Drain the open mouth,tutine neonato adidas, I heard the sound of the door opening,quanto costa bracciale pandora argento, Emperor only smell the orange fragrance,new balance military, the voice calls to stop him.When the mood has been somewhat distressed and upset angrily,adidas zx flux city pack, Replied: "you don't know" one world,outlet hogan rebel, South Hunan where? Li Chuan Jiepi.
raised his hand rubbed his hair linquan. nodded. whispered: "thread is the people love learning,m574 new balance, marry to Tuen Mun big disgrace. no one knows bale. "Now that someone found the hole? "just fly stream offended,adidas boston, maybe that's why has a special liking, dying,scarpe estive nike, but her face was lit up are not.
" The masked Knight did not ask,asics a3, However.

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