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Jestesmy ludzmi z jednego miasta. Znamy sie doskonale, gramy ze soba od "niemowlat". Tysiace godzin wspolnej gry za nami. Czas pokazac na co nas stac.


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#85 by bahiai9gq6x 14.12.2016 - 11:06
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"embrace, extend,cheap jordans, extinguish" playbook, by, as Jim Duffy reports, "opening up areas above and below the control and forwarding planes addressed by OpenFlow. This allows customers to program the network using a variety of protocols -- not just OpenFlow -- and further customize it according to their usage patterns and deployment models" (see "Cisco fires back with its own SDN&quot,cheap jordans onlinewink.

SDN developments are starting to boil much more quickly than could have been anticipated even six months ago, as Duffy reports in another piece in this issue (see "What are the killer apps for OpenFlow, SDNs?").

Need is being driven by a number of issues,www.cheap-jordan.net, including limitations of VLANs as companies build out private clouds, according to Kyle Forster,cheap real jordans, co-founder of Big Switch Networks. That sentiment is echoed by Saar Gillai,cheap jordans for sale, CTO of HP Networking,jordans for cheap, who says that SDNs make it easier to build networks where each application "feels like it has its own network."

Why easier? Because SDNs centralize control and eliminate the need to touch hundreds of devices to effect change, the bugaboo that limits network customization today, says Karl May, CEO of Vello Systems, a maker of OpenFlow and SDN cloud switches.

Then there is the promise on the wide-area side. How would you like to increase link utilization from the 30%-40% common today to close to 100%, the level Google reports it is getting with its new SDN/OpenFlow backbone (see

#84 by jerezw1qo7g 14.12.2016 - 11:05
Avatar   not available offline quote

that screen size measurements actually represent the ,www.bcheapjordans.comdiagonal of a display -- so half an inch difference there means more than you might think in total area. The Nexus 9's display is nearly an inch wider than the Venue 8's,cheap air jordan shoes, which makes it feel considerably more spacious when it comes to screen real estate.

On the flip side,cheap jordan shoes, the Nexus 9 itself is quite a bit bigger than the Venue 8 (6.1 x 9.0 in. compared to 4.9 x 8.5 in.). For perspective,cheap jordans, the Venue 8 is closer in size to the Nexus 7 than it is to the Nexus 9. That's not only because of its screen but also because of its design,www.cheap-jordan.net, which uses barely-there bezels to keep the footprint insanely compact.


Size matters: the Nexus 7 (2013), Venue 8 7000, and Nexus 9

Factor in the Venue 8's thin profile and light weight, and you've got a device that -- much like the Nexus 7 -- is quite comfortable to hold in a single hand or carry in your front pocket. The Nexus 9, in contrast, is definitely a two-handed device -- and definitely not one you're going to tote around in your pants. (Unless you wear giant clown pants, in which case kudos to you; please pick up a complimentary balloon moose on your way out.)

More screen space or single-handed holding and greater portability? Mull it over, and let's move on.
2. Style

The Nexus 9 is a warm

OS cheap jordan shoes ... release Computerworld_1


#83 by adiosu8ma0n 14.12.2016 - 11:03
Avatar   not available offline quote

.US_E_Computerworld.com/mobile_section" width="300" height="250" json="{"targeting":{"URL":"http://www.computerworld.com/article/2984496/android/huawei-watch-new-moto-360.amp.html",cheap real jordans,"zone":"article-blog/android","POS":"BTF3",cheap real jordans,"POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU4",cheap jordans,"articleId":"2984496",cheap retro jordans,"type":"reviews","typeId":"3","manufacturer":"motorola","templateType":"article-default",cheap jordans free shipping,"categoryIds":[3145,3599],"categorySlugs":["android"],"author":"JR Raphael",jordans for cheap,"page_type":"","insiderContent":"false"} }">

Here are the two watches being worn together (for a super-stylish look!). The 360's on the left, the Huawei on the right.

This is the Huawei Watch on its charger -- a small disc that attaches via pins and holds the watch in place with magnets. Unlike the 360, the Huawei Watch does not support any type of wireless charging.

The Huawei Watch (left) and the new Moto 360 (right) with their faces fully illuminated. I used a third-party face called

#82 by utumns6qh7p 14.12.2016 - 11:02
Avatar   not available offline quote

recordings of people speaking normally rather than in the artificial tone of voice some people adopt when speaking to a computer. They also use samples of users' voices; if you don't want to upload your own speech and recognition data to Dragon anonymously, you can opt out during setup).

Once installed,cheap real jordans, Dragon puts a floating window that it calls the DragonBar at the top of the screen to indicate that the voice recognition software is running.

Most of the time, the bar collapses to an icon that shows only whether the microphone is on and what it's listening for; hover your cursor over it to show the full controls. You can use your voice to open menus and choose commands on the DragonBar to change options in Dragon. You can also turn the microphone off with your voice,amassdenver.com, or put it to sleep (but of course, once the mic is off you can't turn it back on with a voice command). The DragonBar will also show tips -- for example,cheap jordans, it will issue a warning if you can't dictate into the application you're using doesn't allow dictation.

Once the DragonBar is up,cheap jordans, you can start using commands like "Start menu," "Open Microsoft Excel,cheap air jordans," "Post to Twitter" or "Scroll down" to control your computer,cheap air jordan shoes, or start dictating text within an application.

Dragon puts a floating window that it calls the DragonBar at the top of the screen that indicates that the voice recognition software is running and

Security www

#81 by atsonw1ta4w 14.12.2016 - 11:02
Avatar   not available offline quote


That's different than earlier speculation from independent sources, which had claimed XP SP3 would be delivered in multiple "waves,www.cheap-jordan.net," with the Chinese, English,cheap air jordans, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish versions available first.

Do I need to install SP2 first? No. We don't know how you managed not to update to SP2, but it's not a prerequisite for this upgrade. Microsoft put it succinctly in the release notes it has prepared: "SP3 is cumulative, so users can install SP3 on top of Windows XP SP1 or SP2."

How long will it take to download SP3 when it reaches Windows Update? That depends on the speed of your Internet connection,cheap-jordan.net, of course. The package, Microsoft says, will be about 70MB or so.

Ironically,real cheap jordans retro, that's slightly larger than the 65MB average for Vista SP1. Go figure.

I'll want to update several XP machines. Do I have to use Windows Update on each? No. Microsoft will also post a stand-alone installer for XP SP3 to its Web site next week when it releases the service pack to WU.

The installer will be about 580MB in size, Microsoft says. Again, that's brawnier than the 32-bit Vista SP1 stand-alone.

Do I need to prep my PC for the final version of SP3 if I've installed one of the early versions,cheap retro jordans? Yes,cheap real jordans, you need to uninstall any now-superseded release candidate or beta of SP3 that you've stuck on the system.

Here's how:

Click on the Start menu; choose Settings, then Control Panels. Launch the Add or Remove Programs applet by double-clicking. Make sure the Show Updates box is checked, then


St. www

#80 by brinap5ig9p 14.12.2016 - 11:01
Avatar   not available offline quote


The bonuses for extreme programming skills are "being driven by the need to get work done,real cheap jordans retro," said David Foote, president and chief research officer at Foote Partners, which tracks 32,000 IT workers in 1,cheap jordans online,880 private- and public-sector organizations during the course of the year.

In the past,jordans for cheap, IT organizations "used to set a goal, going from A to B to get things done,www.bcheapjordans.com, but now companies want extreme flexibility and adaptability in their systems development," said Foote, who is a Computerworld columnist. By deploying a number of different RAD teams, companies are able to work on multiple projects at once and pick and choose between projects. "That's helping to drive pay levels and demand in this area," he said.

According to the report, the highest-paying technical certifications last quarter included those for Project Management Professional (PMP) and security certifications such as the Global Information Assurance Certification Certified Intrusion Analyst. Foote is predicting a "bubble" in security-related job hiring beginning in mid-2004 driven by spending increases in those areas.

The findings from the Foote Partners report "maps with what we're seeing," said John Studdard, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Lydian Trust Co. in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certifications "are the minimum requirement to get into our shop from the networking side," he said.

cheap jordans for sale;URL":&quot,cheap air jordans;http://www

Scoggins cheap jordans online Defense makes Vikin

Tevlin cheap

#79 by 9dk2i8bayta 13.12.2016 - 15:40
Avatar   not available offline quote

Wadi,cheap jordans free shipping, chef/owner of Saffron Restaurant & Lounge and World Street Kitchen in Minneapolis. “There is no new blood coming in.” At 5 p.m. on a Thursday, young cooks in white coats and black caps scurry around the kitchen in St. Paul College’s culinary school wing, chopping Brussels sprouts, stirring pots of risotto and slicing beets. They’re preparing for that night’s dinner service at City View Grille, the school’s 40-seat restaurant staffed almost entirely by students. Tonight, the menu includes cold-poached lobster,cheap retro jordans, apple-brandy pork roast, wild mushroom bread pudding, and more. “Next week we’re doing rustic Italian,” said Sara Johannes, the head chef and instructor at City View. “We want these guys to be as malleable as possible. We put them through the wringer. It’s my job to make sure they get their [butts] kicked on a daily basis.” The program,cheap jordans, in comparison with its peers, is thriving. St. Paul College, which charges $14,000 for the three-semester degree, enrolls 100 students in its culinary school each year, and there is often a waiting list to get in. And while just 60 percent of students who initially enroll graduate,cheap-jordan.net, default rates on student loans are 21 percent, significantly lower than some of the culinary programs elsewhere. “We feel like we’re helping out individuals on their path to learning,cheap jordans for sale,” said Nathan Sartain, the college’s culinary arts program director. “And we’re professionalizing the industry as well.” Other schools have had a different experience. In October 2014,cheap jordans free shipping, four years after building a $2 million state-of-the-art facility, Minneapolis Community Technical College’s popular program announced it would close. Le Cordon Bleu stopped accepting new students at its Mendota Heights campus in January (the company is in the process of closing all 15

Hartman www.bcheapjord

#78 by donnan7nf8g 10.12.2016 - 15:09
Avatar   not available offline quote

,cheap jordans

After announcing in December that it was dropping Microsoft's platform for Blackberry's QNX OS on its infotainment systems,jordans for cheap, Ford today said the first of the new systems will launch in 2016 models.

Ford said its new Sync 3 communications and entertainment system will first roll out in the 2016 Escape and Fiesta,cheap jordans free shipping.

Both the new Escape SUV and compact hatchback Fiesta


#77 by entonu1kx5y 10.12.2016 - 15:05
Avatar   not available offline quote

A week after its release,cheap air jordan shoes, Apple's OS X Yosemite powered 13% of all Macs in the U.S. and Canada,real cheap jordans retro, about the same uptake pace as seen by its predecessor,cheap jordans for sale, Mavericks.

Yosemite debuted Oct. 16,cheap jordans free shipping.

Seven days later, Yosemite's share of all Macs in North America stood at 12.8%,cheap air jordans, ad network Chitika said today. Chitika frequently mines its logs for evidence of the operating systems or browsers used by the devices that access partners' online advertisements.

In its first week of its availability,cheap real jordans, Mavericks' uptake was almost the same: 12.4%.

Both Yosemite and Mavericks were grabbed by a larger percentage of Mac owners than 2012's OS X Mountain Lion, which after seven days accounted for only 5.6% of all systems. The difference between Yosemite and Mavericks on one hand, and Mountain Lion on the other, has been credited to the formers' zero-dollar pricing. Mavericks was Apple's first free OS upgrade, and Yosemite followed suit; Mountain Lion cost $19.99.

While it had seemed reasonable that Yosemite would outpace Mavericks in the early going -- the former was available for three months as an everybody-is-eligible public beta and the latter was not, giving Yosemite a head start -- Chitika's data signaled that such expectations have not materialized.

"That advantage [of a public beta] was relatively short lived, with both OS X Yosemite and Mavericks posting remarkably similar adoption rates by the end of their respective first post-launch weeks,"

IT che

#76 by jerezw1qo7g 10.12.2016 - 14:59
Avatar   not available offline quote

,cheap retro jordans

Microsoft's foray into...on new Windows computers.
cheap real jordans, Windows senior VP Jim Allchin and Internet Platform and Tools division senior VP Brad Silverberg crossed swords many times,cheap jordans online, with Silverberg pumping

It's cheap jorda

#75 by adiosu8ma0n 10.12.2016 - 14:59
Avatar   not available offline quote



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#74 by brinap5ig9p 10.12.2016 - 14:59
Avatar   not available offline quote

In the latest death knell for Outlook Express,cheap air jordan shoes, Microsoft Corp. announced Thursday that it will turn off access to its Web-based Hotmail service from the desktop e-mail software at the end of June.

Outlook Express users who want to continue to access their Hotmail accounts offline after June 30 are being encouraged by Microsoft to download its free Windows Live Mail software,cheap retro jordans.

Users will still be able to use Outlook,jordans for cheap, the big brother of Outlook Express,real cheap jordans retro, to read their Hotmail messages offline, but they may have to first upgrade their Outlook Connector synchronization software, according to information posted online today by Scott Hammer, a Microsoft e-mail support manager.

Hammer said that users of the paid Hotmail service will also still be able to use any other desktop e-mail client that is POP3-compliant,cheap jordans online, such as the open-source Thunderbird software. Macintosh users,cheap jordans free shipping, meanwhile, can continue using Microsoft's Entourage e-mail client for the Mac to access Hotmail, which is the second most popular Web mail service

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#73 by atsonw1ta4w 10.12.2016 - 14:58
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not quite an ISP. And as consumers flooded the Web,cheap-jordan.net, CompuServe's once-bustling message boards started to feel deserted. In 1997,cheap jordans online, AOL bought CompuServe,cheap jordan shoes, and while CompuServe's robust international network helped bolster AOL's infrastructure, the CompuServe community dwindled away.

Current whereabouts: Like Netscape,cheap jordans, CompuServe became a nameplate that AOL attaches to slightly embarrassing projects. It's now a bargain-priced ISP and a half-hearted portal site. Its boilerplate copy calls CompuServe a "key brand" and touts CompuServe 7.0 as "the newest version" without mentioning that it's eight years old. Weirdly,cheap jordans, CompuServe Interactive Services Inc.'s home page also carries the logo of Wow, a faux-AOL that the company shuttered within months of its 1996 release -- I can't believe that anyone misses it or is looking for it. For those of us who were CompuServe users back when its user IDs consisted of lots of digits and a mysterious comma, it's a depressing fate.

What it was: A joint venture of Sears Roebuck and Co. and IBM that launched an extremely consumery online service in 1990 -- a more mainstream alternative to CompuServe before AOL became a phenomenon. Geeks sneered at it (some called it "Stodigy"),cheap jordans free shipping, but Prodigy Communications Corp. managed to sign up a sizable number of users in an era when the typical American had never laid eyes on a modem.


Get cheap air jordans Ready for I

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real solutions providers and cowboys.
What is a HomeKit mark,jordans for cheap?

So what does it mean when you see it? Over 70 manufacturers now carry “Works With Apple HomeKit” kite marks on at least one product. When you see it you know the manufacturer has met Apple’s high standards of privacy and security,cheap jordans online, including hardware encryption. You also know that a fully HomeKit compatible app is available to control nearly everything about the device. It is also a given that you can enrol the device into your HomeKit system by using your iPhone to scan a card you’ll find in the product’s box.

You see,cheap real jordans, HomeKit acts can be seen as a kind of glue that enables different systems from different manufacturers to work effectively together. Incidentally, I believe this is Apple’s vision for the future of iOS,cheap jordan shoes, to provide software that enables different products and industries to interoperate securely. If it works in the phone, what can it do in the factory or on the farm,real cheap jordans retro?
The iOS 10 HomeKit app

Available with iOS 10, Apple’s Home app controls all your connected devices. It is designed to help all of them work together,cheap jordans for sale, solving a problem in which such devices exist in different siloes and need to be controlled by dozens of different apps.

The app combines your devices into three

Report c

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term "behind the meter" refers to energy use by households and businesses,cheap jordans for sale.

Burlington Electric Department

Burlington, Vt. is one of a handful of U.S. cities that have already proclaimed 100% renewable energy use. Above is a 500kW solar array on the roof of the Burlington International Airport parking garage; it began commercial operation in February 2015.?

While progress in the growth of zero-emission renewables is forecast to surpass previous estimates,amassdenver.com, the Bloomberg report also noted that greenhouse gas emissions will also continue to grow.

cheap jordan shoes,"zone":"article/sustainable-it",cheap real jordans,"POS":"BTF2","POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU3",cheap-jordan.net,"articleId":"3083825","type":"news","typeId":"2","templateType":"article-default","categoryIds":[3397,cheap jordan shoes,3457,3871],"categorySlugs":["sustainable-it","emerging-technology","it-industry"],"author":"Lucas

Reality cheap jordans for s

Grin cheapjordan.net and bear it_52

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October 27, 2016 — 12:47am Brandon Dill, Associated Press Minnesota Timberwolves forward Karl-Anthony Towns, left,real cheap jordans retro, drives against Memphis Grizzlies forward JaMychal Green (0) and center Marc Gasol (33) in the first half of an NBA basketball game Wednesday, Oct. 26,cheap real jordans, 2016,cheap jordan shoes, in Memphis, Tenn. (AP Photo/Brandon Dill) Text size MEMPHIS – A season after he faced what he called the greatest individual challenge of his rookie season, Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns met Memphis star Marc Gasol again in Wednesday’s season opener. At age 20, Towns considers himself something of a changed man who’s better prepared to face the two-time All Star and 2013 NBA Defensive Player of the Year. “I feel I’m stronger, faster,cheap retro jordans, more agile,” Towns said. “I do a few more things with my body than I did last year. I’ve improved my game, added some new toys. I feel very comfortable.” Towns delivered a 31-point, nine-rebound performance in 24&frac12; minutes during a preseason game last week against Memphis and Gasol, who is on a playing-time restriction in his return from foot surgery last season. After a fast start, Towns didn’t have quite as much success. He finished with 21 points, but 14 of them came in the first quarter, and he had just four rebounds. Gasol, who was guarded by Gorgui Dieng most of the night,real cheap jordans retro, was limited to 18 points and three rebounds. Towns doesn’t think there was anybody better when he played a healthy Gasol last season. “Hands down, he was the most challenging matchup,cheap jordans,” Towns said. “It’s just his ability to pass, his ability to shoot. He can play fundamentally sound and unfundamentally sound and score both ways. He’s about 260, 270 pounds. He’s a big guy in there. He takes up a lot of space. “There are a lot of things that challenge you when you go up against Marc Gasol


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her child be placed in foster care — shocks Robinson. She shakes her head, trying but failing to hold back tears. “Ms. Robinson has a history,cheap jordans,” Minehart said. “It’s an old history, but it’s an extensive history. … She did not engage in services with her older child when she was involved in this court with that child.” After the child’s court-appointed advocate also recommends foster care,cheap jordans free shipping, Bartolomei takes only a few seconds before pronouncing that Robinson’s infant son “is likely to suffer serious emotional or physical damage if returned to the custody of Ms. Robinson at this moment.” The baby will go into foster care after he’s released from the hospital, and Robinson will have supervised visits with her son for a few hours a day. To get her child back, she’ll have to follow a case plan, an assortment of tasks that are typical in almost any child protection case: Stay sober. Pass drug tests. Find safe housing. Finish treatment. Robinson puts her head in her hands. “How long is that for?” she asks Bartolomei. “I don’t know,cheap jordan shoes,” Bartolomei replies. Robinson breathes in hard and wipes her face with a wet tissue,cheap air jordans, then stands up and begins to walk away. Bartolomei tells her, “Good luck, Ms. Robinson.” ‘Active efforts’ required Federal law requires judges and social workers to make “active efforts” to keep Indian children with their parents, or place them with other American Indian families. William Thorne, a retired Utah appeals judge and national ICWA authority,www.bcheapjordans.com, described “active efforts” as “what you would do for a good friend if they asked you for help.” Guidelines issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs require a child be returned to the home as soon as an emergency has ended. If an Indian child stays in foster care,cheap jordans for sale, then the court needs to get the approval of an expert familiar


#68 by coliny1nb1l 07.12.2016 - 15:47
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Kevin Fogarty ,amassdenver.com

Researchers and theorists may argue about the strategic value Information Technology departments make to large organizations – or even whether tech prevents ...ather than encouraging it.

But few question the value of IT support to end users – who are often reputed to be more tec...y than their predecessors, but who may also insist the tech they need to understand has more to do with getting video or cloud apps on their iPhones,cheap jordans, not fundamentals like how to get back online if someone kicks a plug out of the wall,cheap real jordans.

To read this article i...omment, please click here

http://www.computerworld,cheap air jordans.com/article/2927580/cloud-computing/by-improving-support-it-might-be-making-users-dumber,cheap jordans free shipping.html#tk.rss_nexttech Kevin Fogarty

The U.S military will come one step closer to its dream of arming fighter jets with ray guns this summer, as DARPA shifts one of its hottest laser projects onto White Sands Missile range for field tests.


In lab and development tests in which it was pitted against mortars, low-flying missiles and drones, the High Energy Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) produced "unprecedented power and beam quality for its size," according to a public statement from Rich Bagnell, HELLADS ... Research Projects Agency,www.cheap-jordan.net.

To read this article i...omment, please click here

UberX, cheap retro jordan

7 cheap jordans cybersecurity best practices t

#67 by amedav3xa1y 07.12.2016 - 15:46
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http://www.computerwor...es">psychological warfare. The theory was that by offering free upgrades and productivity applications, Apple makes Microsoft's business model look "odd and strange and expensive" in the words of Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst with Moor Insights and Strategy.

Today, Van Baker of Gartner had another idea.

"I think there were two reasons why Apple did this,cheap air jordans," said Baker. "First,www.bcheapjordans.com, it was a shot at Microsoft,cheap jordans for sale, kind of like Apple saying, 'Come on,cheap retro jordans, you guys, if you're going to do Office for iPad,cheap jordans online, do it.' Second, Apple's saying, 'If you're not, we're going to move forward and compete with you.'"

Mac owners with eligible systems can download OS X Mavericks from the Mac App Store.

Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld. Follow Gregg on Twitter at ?@gkeizer, on Google+ or subscribe to Gregg's RSS feed,real cheap jordans retro?. His email address is gkeizer@computerworld.com.

See more by Gregg Keizer on Computerworld.com.

Netiquette cheap jordans Computerworld_3

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could stretch beyond next year’s opener,cheap jordans free shipping, while Bradford is on his way to play with Adrian Peterson for the first time since their Boomer Sooner days in 2006. The trade wasn’t even on the Vikings’ radar Thursday night when Spielman discussed Bridgewater’s injury and the team’s options before the preseason finale at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings assumed no team would part with its starting quarterback this close to the season. Not even the Eagles,www.cheap-jordan.net, who were using Bradford as a temporary bridge to Carson Wentz, the rookie No. 2 overall draft pick. Then word out of Philadelphia suggested the Eagles were getting more comfortable with Chase Daniel as their bridge. They were willing to talk about trading Bradford,cheap retro jordans, who is due to make $7 million this season. The negotiations began Friday night and intensified — but only because of new tight ends coach Pat Shurmur, who coached Bradford in St. Louis and in Philadelphia. It was Shurmur who convinced the organization that Bradford had the intelligence and the work ethic to learn Norv Turner’s offense quickly. The tentative plan heading into Monday’s practice is to start Shaun Hill in next Sunday’s season opener at Tennessee. Bradford will be armed with a simplified portion of the offense in case Hill is injured. After that, the coaches will huddle to discuss starting Bradford in the Week 2 home opener against the Packers on “Sunday Night Football.” Hill,cheap air jordan shoes, who backed up Bradford in St. Louis,cheap air jordans, remains a trusted backup. But only short term. The team couldn’t ignore his age (36),amassdenver.com, injury history and the fact he’s never started more than 10 games in 15 NFL seasons. A look at Sunday’s final cuts from around the league validates the Vikings’ decision to think bigger. Their strong need matched Philadelphia’s unique situation. And with a two-year


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