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Jestesmy ludzmi z jednego miasta. Znamy sie doskonale, gramy ze soba od "niemowlat". Tysiace godzin wspolnej gry za nami. Czas pokazac na co nas stac.


Gramy !

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#61 by 3md8k3wkins 27.11.2016 - 10:45
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doomed final months at Chelsea, at Real Madrid and towards the end of the first spell in west London. It means any justified criticism of his squad is viewed via that prism. “Uh-oh, here he goes again,” seasoned Mourinho watchers must think when hearing the latest rant against his United charges. Fenerbahce’s Simon Kjaer: ‘Zlatan is a chest-puffing kind of player. He’s arrogant’ Read more His previous post ended last December when Chelsea sacked him for losing a dressing room filled with high?end players. Cesc Fàbregas, Diego Costa and Eden Hazard are among those who are thought to have tired of Mourinho’s managerial antics. A dismal title defence and a string of defeats caused him to lambast the squad after losing to Leicester, saying they had “betrayed his work”. The net result: Roman Abramovich, the owner, chose his squad over Mourinho and the Portuguese left the club three days later. His disquiet had shown itself as early as August last year when, after a 2-1 defeat to Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge, he said: “I’m not happy, I cannot say I had 11 players performing at the same time. Two or three of them their individual performance was far from good. I blame myself for not changing one of them. I kept him in the game for 90 minutes.” Sound familiar? This was Mourinho after the 2-1 derby defeat to Manchester City at Old Trafford on 10 September. “Even our central defenders [Eric Bailly and Daley Blind], who were top-class until today,cheap jordans online, lost easy balls. What I told them at half-time was: ‘For some of you, it looks like you are trying to do what I told you not to do.’ I made a couple of [selection] decisions because I thought the individual qualities of certain players would give me what I wanted. But I didn’t get it.” The two he was referring to were Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Jesse Lingard,cheap jordan shoes, who started the match but were hauled off at half-time. In one post-game briefing ? after just the fourth league outing under him ? Mourinho managed to question directly
scenario for Twitter, in my opinion, is that . . . drumroll . . . Facebook buys it. I know, I know. But hear me out: Zuckerberg and his team know social better than anyone on the planet and they can take all their learning from Facebook and Instagram and apply it to Twitter. (Facebook has teams that focus on adding empathy to the platform, which could change Twitter drastically.) It would benefit Facebook, too, as they still haven’t captured the live discussions in the same way that Twitter has. The problem is, Facebook’s philosophy on privacy and data collection has often been drastically different to Twitter’s over the years, and I’m not sure the cultures would mesh very well. Maya: Twitter selling to Facebook would also, of course,real cheap jordans retro, mean Jack Dorsey can set aside his ego and be okay with having Mark Zuckerberg lord over it. To your point about how Twitter has the capacity to be a cesspool for ISIS accounts, someone in tech recently told me they think harassment and hate are to Twitter as porn is to Tumblr?in other words, actually eradicating all the hateful,cheap air jordans, abusive Twitter accounts would hurt Twitter’s bottom line too much. And, this line of thinking goes, since Twitter has had such a hard time onboarding new users and keeping their M.A.U. numbers up quarter-over-quarter, they aren’t willing to do anything about abusive accounts,cheap jordans free shipping, which would explain why so many accounts that have demonstrably harassed others are still allowed to exist on Twitter, even after they’ve been reported. Nick: Well, that’s the reason why I don’t think Twitter would end up selling to Facebook: egos. Right now, Zuckerberg and Dorsey are counterparts (putting aside the little point that Facebook has about 1.2 billion more people on its platform than Twitter). It would be difficult for Dorsey to go and work under Zuckerberg and alongside Kevin Systrom. And you’re completely correct about the trolls and Twitter. I think if the company banned everyone who was mean on the platform, their numbers

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#62 by 5kd2j6uketa 27.11.2016 - 10:48
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28 Feb 2007
The players and the press
January 2007
And now a word from our sponsors ...
30 Jan 2007
And now a word from our sponsors ...
The slugger and the scribes
10 Jan 2007
The slugger and the scribes
About 1,cheap air jordans,298 results for MLB
Shailene Woodley on the cover of
The Art of Discovery.
Naomi Watts on meeting David Lynch at an audition: “I felt like I was being seen for the first time. This guy unveiled me in a way that made me feel safe enough to show who I was. I was just me, and that was O.K. with him.”
Photograph by Jeff Vespa.
Tilda Swinton: “The moment I realized that the bullies are scared, too.”
Photograph by Jeff Vespa.
On losing her father when she was eight,yourcellan.com, Zoe Saldana told VF Hollywood: “It informed me that being human is about being both found and lost at the same time.”
Photograph by Jeff Vespa.
Jessica Biel: “I’m re-discovering classic literature. Salinger’s Glass family stories, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s
Tender Is the Night
,www.yourcellan.com, Vladimir Nabokov’s
—it all blows my mind. The skeletons in the closet,cheap real jordans, and the cleaning out of those closets,jordans for cheap, intrigue me.”
Photograph by Jeff Vespa.

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#63 by taton1j1r0e 27.11.2016 - 11:24
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The crowd’s cries for French actress and filmmaker Sophie Marceau were slightly louder than they were for Jake Gyllenhaal. This served as a gentle reminder as 2015 Cannes jury members made their way into the Palais des Festivals on Wednesday afternoon that the cinéaste celebration kicking off on the Croisette is French first and foremost. Granted, that patriotism did not keep young French women from hastily flocking to corridor screens live-streaming the Jury Press Conference to lovingly snap cell-phone photos every time Gyllenhaal’s bearded visage came into close-up.
But inside the press conference,cheap air jordan shoes, international reporters paid less attention to Gyllenhaal, Marceau, and the rest of this year’s jury members?filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, Sienna Miller, Spanish actress Rossy de Palma,cheap jordans, Malian singer-songwriter Rokia Traoré, and Canadian Xavier Dolan?in favor of the year’s dual presidents Joel and Ethan Coen.
Press were curious to know how the filmmakers?responsible for Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, and Inside Llewyn Davis?might approach the movies they are seeing. As directors, would they be able to distance themselves from the filmmaking process they know so well and enjoy the contenders as audience members, or would they be viewing this year’s international selections from behind a technical lens?
“You just have to give yourself over to the emotional experience of watching a movie,” Ethan explained. “But there is something interesting about that, that’s true, that when you are asked to watch something as a jury member it may affect the way you watch it to a certain extent. Because you have been asked to,yourcellan.com, in a sense, pass judgement on it.” Lest you think that the Coens might temporarily enter the mindset of the critics who comb through their own films with a fine tooth, the duo were quick to clarify that they would not be knocking any films down but drawing attention to films “we really like [in order to] celebrate them.”
Because this is 2015, the duo were asked about other modes of movie viewing?to which a deadpan Joel responded, “How do we feel about people watching Lawrence of Arabia on their iPhone?” After a pause for press laughter, he continued, “There is something about sitting in a big crowd of people watching a movie together that is . . . nothing can compete with [it.] That’s something that film festivals keep alive.”
So what about that other medium, known as television, that has begun to usurp film in terms of quality? Since word spread overseas that the filmmakers don’t enjoy the format, a brave journalist asked them about their reported dislike of the small screen.
“I don’t think that,” Ethan said. “It’s not even that I dont like TV. It’s just that I don’t watch it. It’s a little alien to me. I haven’t watched a television show in decades. So it’s not that I am taking a position [of not liking it].”
Added Joel: “You are going to get me in trouble by the way because my wife [Frances McDormand] just did a mini-series for HBO [Olive Kitteridge] . . . there is lots of great stuff being done on television right now,cheap jordans for sale, but it is not the [format we’re focused on]. In our minds it’s just a different thing from what we’re doing.”
What they are doing, this week at least,cheap jordans online, is watching films. And Gyllenhaal for one had his own reason to be excited about binge-watching this year’s Cannes selections. “I was just thrilled to see films before anyone else in the world will see them.” After a pause, he added giddily, “And for free!”
Full ScreenPhotos:1/8Cannes Film Festival 2015: Best Dressed, Day OneKarlie Kloss in VersacePhoto: From Getty Images.PreviousNextKarlie Kloss in VersaceFrom Getty Images.Lupita Nyongo in GucciFrom Getty Images.Julianne Moore in ArmaniFrom Getty Images.Natalie Portman in DiorFrom Getty Images.Naomi Watts in Elie SaabFrom Getty Images.Sienna Miller in LanvinFrom Getty Images.Aymeline ValadeFrom Getty Images.Fan Bingbing in Ralph & RussoFrom Getty Images.

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#64 by tviak1o6h3m 27.11.2016 - 11:27
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by Justin Bishop.Nebraska: Frank LaMere, 66“I am very much alarmed, as are all of the Native [American] delegates, and most of the delegates from around the country. [Trump’s] use of very racist terminology, especially with his reference to our women, bothers all of us. It bothers me, particularly. And I am going to work hard to defeat this bully, harder than I have ever worked,cheap real jordans, in any campaign over many years. Interestingly enough, this is my eighth national convention. I have been here every convention since 1988?35 to 40 nights?and I have never been as moved as what I saw last night,cheap jordans free shipping, and I have never had more resolve than I have right now about defeating this bully Donald Trump. Indian Country has to take our rightful place in this process, and we have to complement the efforts of the Democratic party, and we have to get the job done.” Photograph by Justin Bishop.Nevada: Nelson Araujo, 28Photograph by Justin Bishop.New Hampshire: William ShaheenAre you related to [New Hampshire Senator] Jeanne Shaheen? She’s my wife. I’m a superdelegate. Can I assume that you’re a Hillary supporter? I’ve been supporting Hillary since 2008, and I’m still supporting her. What’s it like being married to Jeanne Shaheen? Well, you’re going to have to ask her what it’s like being married to Bill Shaheen! I’m kidding. We’ve been married 47 years. It’s been great. Photograph by Justin Bishop.New Jersey: Bill Pascrall III, 51Photograph by Justin Bishop.New Mexico: Seamus BerkeleyPhotograph by Justin Bishop.New York: Elizabeth YeampierrePhotograph by Justin Bishop.North Carolina: Marc Friedland, 67Photograph by Justin Bishop.North Dakota: Kylie Oversen, 27Photograph by Justin Bishop.Ohio: Louise Buchanan,cheap jordan shoes, 62Photograph by Justin Bishop.Oklahoma: Senator Anastasia Pittman,real cheap jordans retro, 46Photograph by Justin Bishop.Oregon: Kevin Hunt, 58Photograph by Justin Bishop.Pennsylvania: John Hellmann III, 64Photograph by Justin Bishop.Rhode Island: James Diossa, 30Photograph by Justin Bishop.South Carolina: Richard
burned up 110,000 acres of giant Ponderosa pines and Douglas firs in and around Grant County’s share of the Malheur national forest. Of those events,cheap jordans for sale, McKinley says: “I ran the operations. We got it done and we didn’t have a life lost.” McKinley says the success in preserving local lives is evidence that cooperative relationships between between county and federal agencies help everyone. But the trauma of lost homes further soured local politics, and many ended up blaming changes in the US forest service’s fire management practices. Old school strategies – such as thinning out trees with logging and clearing undergrowth – have become less prevalent as environmental values have exerted greater influence. In August 2015, the Guardian was present at a meeting in neighboring Prairie City at which US Forest Service officials who were preparing the community for possible evacuation were subject to sustained, hostile questioning from some residents about fire prevention. This blame game played into the hands of Palmer and his tight group of local, rightwing allies, who, in keeping with Patriot movement ideology, see federal land management and ownership as a usurpation of local prerogatives. Specifically, according to a report by the social justice thinktank Political Research Associates, Palmer and other Patriots adhere to a particular doctrine of “coordination”, which is interpreted by those hard-right groups to give local governments an equal position at the negotiating table with federal and state government agencies. Facebook Twitter Pinterest The Canyon Creek Complex fire advanced along a canyon leading to John Day, destroying homes in the process. Photograph: Les Zaitz/AP After the fires, in September last year, Palmer deputized 11 Grant County residents to draft a natural resources plan for county-level land management. Such a plan, developed outside county processes, is in keeping with Patriot tactics of establishing bodies which are intended to function as shadow governments

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#65 by arker3l4r6v 27.11.2016 - 11:28
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Award-winning Samuel Goldwyn, and as Harry and Jack Warner, a Polish cobbler’s boys, willed themselves into the men who delivered to the masses everything from Casablanca to Bugs Bunny, so did Alfred Alan Newman?born in 1901, the eldest of the seven sons and three daughters of the fruit peddler Michael Newman (né Nemorofsky) and Luba Newman (née Koskoff), immigrants from pogrom-ravaged Yelisavetgrad (now Kirovograd, Ukraine)?scrap his way to the pinnacle of his field: music for films. Michael and Luba, who actually met in the U.S. and married when he was 23 and she not quite 14, made their home in New Haven, Connecticut, in what was then a Jewish ghetto and is now the campus of Yale University’s School of Medicine. Alfred, born to Luba when she was 17, was recognized early on as a piano prodigy. Before he could even shave, flyers were distributed in New Haven that advertised “Master Alfred Newman, Pianist, Open for Engagements for Concerts, Musicales and Entertainments.” The boy in the photo had his thick dark hair in a pompadour and wore a high stiff collar with a string tie. Alfred’s musical precocity propelled him to New York, where, still in his teens, he worked as an accompanist to Grace La Rue, a vaudeville star, and Lina Abarbanell, a popular light-opera singer. By the 1920s, he was an in-demand pit conductor on Broadway, where he got to know George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, and Richard Rodgers. Along the way, he became the primary supporter of the large Newman brood, which followed him to New York?with the conspicuous exception of his father, Michael, a ne’er-do-well who had fallen out of the picture sometime in the previous decade. “Some people said he was a drunk,” Randy said of his grandfather, whom he never met. “But, to be fair,cheap air jordan shoes, in those days, when a Jew had two drinks a week, they’d think he was a drunk.” California beckoned in 1930, when Alfred was summoned to work as the conductor on two early Hollywood musicals, Irving Berlin’s
... 5.00am GMT 104th over: India 363-5 (Ashwin 25,yourcellan.com, Saha 3) Saha gets off the mark as he works Rashid around the corner for two. Zafar Ansari manages to head the ball off before it reaches the cement-sponsored sponge, passing it off to Stokes who throws in and nearly yorks the keeper’s end’s stumps. Rashid then serves up quite a rank long hop which Saha snatches at hastily to only reap a single. 4.56am GMT 103rd over: India 360-5 (Ashwin 23, Saha 0) Ashwin gives a bit back with a cracking late cut for four, as Moeen drops too short. 4.54am GMT 102nd over: India 356-5 (Ashwin 19, Saha 0) Saha plants on the front foot to defend out the over against Rashid. He’s definitely there for the taking,real cheap jordans retro, is Saha... 4.51am GMT 101st over: India 355-5 (Ashwin 18,cheap jordans free shipping, Saha 0) It’s an over of Moeen Ali making a mockery of the right-hander’s outside edge. Both Ashwin, Kohli and Wriddihman Saha are beaten but only Kohli pays the price. Brilliant bowling from Moeen. Great tactics from Stokes to drop Ashwin and allow a single so he could catch Kohli the next ball. 4.49am GMT Ridiculous stuff from Stokes! The ball before,cheap jordans for sale, he drops which, for him, was a regulation catch at slip. The next delivery, with a single taken, Kohli whips at one and it flies low, to Stokes’ right. And he takes it with ease. Important breakthrough. Under 400 on the cards here... 4.45am GMT 100th over: India 350-4 (Kohli 167, Ashwin 17) Adil Rashid into the attack now, too, as Anderson and Broad are rested. It’s a fine start from the leggie, which includes a googly that Kohli inside edges onto his pad as he lunges forward to defend. Just one from the over. 4.42am GMT 99th over: India 349-4 (Kohli 167, Ashwin 16) Cook turns to spin, specifically Moeen Ali, who has gone at 4.55 so far this innings (from 11 overs). His first ball today drifts past Ashwin’s outside edge. Good start. A second drifter is defended well before Ashwin bunts a full toss through extra cover – stopped well by sub-fielder Jake Ball – for a couple. A single

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#66 by burns8r8w4h 27.11.2016 - 11:31
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people are too upset. Brad Katsuyama explained to the world what he and his team had learned about the inner workings of the stock market. The nation of investors was appalled—a poll of institutional investors in late April 2014, conducted by the brokerage firm ConvergEx,jordans for cheap, discovered that 70 percent of them thought that the U.S. stock market was unfair and 51 percent considered high-frequency trading “harmful” or “very harmful.” And the complaining investors were the big guys, the mutual funds and pension funds and hedge funds you might think could defend themselves in the market. One can only imagine how the little guy felt. The authorities evidently saw the need to leap into action,cheap jordans online, or to appear to. THE RIGGING OF THE STOCK MARKET CANNOT BE DISMISSED AS A DISPUTE BETWEEN RICH HEDGE-FUND GUYS AND CLEVER TECHIES. Twitter The narrow slice of the financial sector that makes money off the situation that Flash Boys describes felt the need to shape the public perception of it. It took them a while to figure out how to do this well. On the book’s publication day, for instance, an analyst inside a big bank circulated an idiotic memo to clients that claimed I had “an undisclosed stake in IEX.” (I’ve never had a stake in IEX.) Then came an unfortunate episode on CNBC,real cheap jordans retro, during which Brad Katsuyama was verbally assaulted by the president of the BATS exchange, who wanted the audience to believe that Katsuyama had dug up dirt on the other stock exchanges simply to promote his own, and that he should feel ashamed. He hollered and ranted and waved and in general made such an unusual public display of his inner life that half of Wall Street came to a halt, transfixed. I was told by a CNBC producer that it was the most watched segment in the channel’s history, and while I have no idea if that’s true, or how anyone would even know, it might as well be. A boss on the Goldman Sachs trading floor told me the place stopped dead to watch it. An older guy next to him pointed to the TV screen
to get in the way Published: Fruity royal titles went rancid years ago. Please, let this be the end of them Whitlam removed them; Fraser restored them. Then Hawke abolished them again. Then Abbott; now Turnbull. When will this colonial panto finally be over? Published: Australia's bid for the UN human rights council was conceived in a parallel universe You may have missed it, but apparently we have a ??vigorous,cheap air jordan shoes, ambitious human rights agenda??. The heads of our human rights agencies may have missed it too Published: There's no decency in how Australia has treated Abyan. No matter what the truth is Peter Dutton claims a Somali refugee was whisked out of Australia to foil a game of legal trickery. But the story doesn??t stack up Published: 'Walking ATM' Jeff McCloy the latest pip made to squeak by Icac Wealthy business and political figures don??t like being probed. Newcastle property developer and former mayor Jeff McCloy is the latest to take exception Published: The Australian bar is going backwards. Shouldn't there be more women silks? Over half of all law graduates are women. So is more than 20% of the NSW bar. Yet this year, women make up less than 10% of applicants for senior counsel Published: He's staying! No-bias Dyson Heydon slices his reasons deli-thin To the commissioner??s way of thinking,cheap jordans free shipping, his invitation to a Liberal party fundraiser was merely a dinner speech on legal matters to a group of lawyers Published: What would an ordinary hypothetical person think of Dyson Heydon? In the end it??s all about character. But when Dyson Heydon decides whether he will continue as royal commissioner, he should remember his own rulings Published: Refugees forced to choose between PNG resettlement or 'custody in new prison' Developments at the Manus Island regional processing centre appear to be moving to a disturbing new phase, Guardian Australia has learned Published: The sometimes enjoyable mind of Dyson Heydon Dyson Heydon??s conservative worldview was well-known long

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#67 by brown78ct9c 27.11.2016 - 11:33
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IBDLStylePrince Harry’s Style: From Black Tie to T-ShirtAs he was internationally famous since even before he was born, up through now, some 30 years later, Prince Harry has been photographed quite a bit, to put it mildly. We have seen the Cinnamon Prince, as we like to call him, in all sorts of arenas: sporting competitions, fancy galas, formal portraits, and, erm, not-so-formal portraits. We decided to take this occasion—as Harry has been named, this year, to the International Best-Dressed List for the second time—to look at the range of Harry Outfits, from most formal . . . to least.Josh DuboffAugust 18, 2015 12:48 PM110
Top-Hat Harry. Are we the only ones who used the top-hat piece in Monopoly expressly to sit on top of the money accumulated for Free Parking?
by Stuart C,real cheap jordans retro. Wilson/Getty Images.210
Yellow-Sash Harry. You could imagine if those pants were paired with, say, a black T-shirt, it could actually be a sort of hipster, indie-rocker look for him.
by Stefan Postles/Getty Images.310
Army Harry. Take this one in, folks, as we will not be seeing this look anymore, for Harry has said good-bye to his army days.
by Matt Cardy/Getty Images.410
Suit Harry. Ready to shake hands with a hundred well-wishers, or to clock-in for the first day of his Goldman Sachs internship.
by Samir Hussein/WireImage.510
No-Tie Harry. This is a very different Harry than Suit Harry. No-Tie Harry is going to order that third drink. No-Tie Harry is going to share that piece of gossip that he knows he probably shouldn’t. No-Tie Harry doesn’t remember your name, but you don’t mind at all.
by Toby Melville/WPA Pool/Getty Images.610
Fleece-Pullover Harry. He looks right out of an L.L.Bean catalogue here,cheap jordans free shipping, no?
by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images,www.yourcellan.com.710
Arctic-Tundra Harry. It was sort of challenging to place this look on a “most formal to least formal” scale, since it sort of lives out on its own, but we think you’ll agree it’s “more formal” than the next look . . .
by David Cheskin/WPA Pool/Getty Images.810
Flannel-Shirt Harry. . . . which is this flannel-shirt look! He could wear that parka to a charity event,cheap jordan shoes, and just blame the inclement weather, whereas there is no way this Mumford-y flannel would ever fly. (Also: Hi, Cressida! We miss getting to write about you!)
by Karwai Tang/WireImage.910
Polo-Shirt Harry. This pose! There should be a thousand granite statues constructed of Harry in this pose!
by Chris Jackson/Getty Images.1010
T-Shirt Harry. We have now reached our least formal look, and, MAN, is this a least formal look,cheap jordans, right?!
by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

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para todas as formas de vida do bioma– est?o sendo amea?ados pelo desmatamento, assim como pela eros?o que a expans?o da agricultura industrial e a execu??o de obras de infraestrutura vm causando. Fico encantado com a beleza natural e o incessante processo de renova??o das águas. Angelo Rabelo Preservar essa regi?o única é uma tarefa hercúlea, que exige a??es em inúmeras frentes, mas ativistas e ONGs brasileiras e internacionais encaram o desafio. Alguns s?o pantaneiros de nascimento, outros por voca??o. E, n?o importando se est?o envolvidos em atividades de fiscaliza??o e preserva??o dos rios que formam essa planície aluvial, ou no monitoramento de espécies amea?adas, ou na luta pela aprova??o de leis de prote??o ambiental melhores e mais restritivas, todos tm em comum a paix?o pelo Pantanal. “Ainda hoje eu me sinto como da primeira vez em que estive aqui,” diz Rabelo, que é tenente-coronel reformado da polícia florestal. “Fico encantado com a beleza natural e o incessante processo de renova??o das águas.” A enxurrada dos ‘fazendeiros do asfalto’ Facebook Twitter Pinterest A atividade agrícola, concentrada na pecuária de corte e na soja, dois dos principais itens da pauta de exporta??es do Brasil, experimentou forte recupera??o no Pantanal. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo A agricultura extensiva chegou ao Pantanal na década de 1960, quando o Brasil vivia sob o regime militar. Depois da grande cheia de 1974, muitos agricultores se viram à beira da falncia e o pre?o da terra despencou. De lá para cá, principalmente em decorrncia do crescimento econ?mico dos anos 2000, a atividade agrícola da regi?o – que se concentra na pecuária e na soja, dois dos principais itens da pauta exportadora do país – experimentou forte recupera??o. Nos últimos cinco anos, em particular, o Pantanal atraiu grande número de
the next generation of leadership. One or another Sulzberger patriarch had held both jobs for a century, but Reilly’s story indicated that the tradition could very well come to an end. It portrayed Arthur as someone who “sees himself as both a journalist and a businessman,” but who in fact was fully neither. The story was based on highly placed but anonymous sources inside the building, and it quoted Judith Sulzberger, Arthur’s aunt and a member of the board of directors, as saying that the job “might go to anyone.” Penny Muse Abernathy, who worked closely with Arthur on the business side of the Times before leaving for Harvard, The Wall Street Journal, and now a professorship at the University of North Carolina, remembers walking into Arthur’s office at around 7:30 A.M. the day the article came out. He was crestfallen. “What are you going to do about that story?” she asked him. “I don’t know,jordans for cheap,” he said, and then made an attempt at gallows humor,real cheap jordans retro, suggesting that he might need to try an entirely new line of work. As they were speaking, Punch called. “Dad,cheap jordans free shipping, can I come see you?,” Arthur asked. It was the first time Abernathy had ever heard Arthur call his father “Dad.” Around the office,cheap air jordan shoes, he always referred to him as “the chairman.” The effort to end-run the dynasty proved to be short-lived. Many at the paper speculated that the company president, Lance Primis, was behind the Journal story. It had identified Primis as “a top prospect” for the chairmanship, and the article was interpreted as the opening salvo in a putsch?a play by the company’s professional managers to wrest control of the business side from the amateurs. Family won. Arthur formed an alliance with Russ Lewis, then president of the newspaper, who would be named company C.E.O. when Punch retired and handed the top post to his son. Primis was invited to leave. The Moose in the Room Here, in a nutshell, in the words of a veteran Times staffer,cheap jordans, is what is supposedly wrong with Arthur: “He has no rays”?rays, as in

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takes up 60-70% of a Newstart cheque, and you have to penny pinch for the rest. The only way you can really survive is in shared housing.” Pressurised living arrangements exacerbate other problems. The negative impact of unemployment on mental health is well understood , but precarious accommodation also creates vulnerabilities to domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Among Morrison’s measures, Bennett draws attention to another $2bn of broader social security cuts the treasurer has pledged. “It’s based on more aggressive debt recovery tactics,” says Bennett of plans to enforce stricter penalties for missed appointments, fare evasion,jordans for cheap, hire-purchases and loan repayments. “There are so many attacks. It’s counterintuitive – every percentage of unemployment that exists decreases the income of the government in tax revenue,cheap jordan shoes, and money circulating in the economy. It’s why the Business Council is finally saying it’s too low. Conservative groups are saying it’s too low.” But the government isn’t saying it’s too low, and they’re hoping to wedge Labor into a false narrative of “fiscal responsibility” to join them – all the while the fiscal irresponsibility of the unemployment crisis devastates communities like Townsville, and unjustly injures struggling individuals everywhere. Photograph: @murraywho52/Twitter That’s why the graduates of Murray Holm’s program were motivated to make signs and stake out a stretch of Townsville freeway this week,cheap retro jordans, making a visual political demand for the right to become taxpayers through the provision of paid work. It’s why Owen Bennett is reaching out to people to organise the unemployed in a nationwide organisation,cheap air jordan shoes, and why in April Jade Lancaster hitched a ride to Canberra to speak at a protest on the Parliament House lawn demanding real government action on jobs. Many political commentators have suggested that the downfall of Tony Abbott was rooted in the perceived unfairness of his welfare-bashing budget of 2014. Labor – yet to declare its
Jarett?Kobek: ‘The internet has been enormously detrimental to society’ The author of Silicon Valley satire I Hate the Internet on the evils of social media,cheap real jordans, and how novelists have failed to tackle it Published: Follow that: The top charity chief executives on social media Alt-right retaliates against Twitter ban by creating 'fake black accounts’ Alt-right retaliates against Twitter ban by creating 'fake black accounts’ Gab: alt-right's social media alternative attracts users banned from Twitter Gab: alt-right's social media alternative attracts users banned from Twitter Can you spot the fake US election news stories? Can you spot the fake US election news stories? How to get verified on Twitter: be a man How to get verified on Twitter: be a man 'Thank you Obama': Americans tweet their gratitude –?but sincerely this time 'Thank you Obama': Americans tweet their gratitude –?but sincerely this time Twitter suspends American far-right activists' accounts Twitter suspends American far-right activists' accounts The Guardian view on social media: facts need to be labelled as facts Published: 15 Nov 2016 The Guardian view on social media: facts need to be labelled as facts Twitter users to get ability to mute words and conversations Published: 15 Nov 2016 Twitter users to get ability to mute words and conversations Click and elect: how fake news helped Donald Trump win a real election Hannah Jane Parkinson 14 Nov 2016 Click and elect: how fake news helped Donald Trump win a real election Trump uses Twitter to bash New York Times coverage and letter to subscribers Published: 13 Nov 2016 Trump uses Twitter to bash New York Times coverage and letter to subscribers Australians wake up and react to the reality of Trump's victory Published: 9 Nov 2016 Australians wake up and react to the reality of Trump's victory Man admits sending 'cowardly' shooting tweet about Leanne Wood Published: 8 Nov 2016 Man admits sending 'cowardly' shooting tweet about Leanne Wood The mannequin challenge:

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Cy-Fair cheap real jor...ap jordans students make

Kerry cheap jordans cheap retro jordans Talk

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Police say people approached an officer and told him a baby girl was not breathing inside a restaurant. The officer, Major Richard Gibson, performed CPR until paramedics arrived. The one-month-old baby was taken to a hospital, where she died.
Police said in a news release that the baby's mother was one of about 30 people who gathered to protest Saturday at the scene of Friday's shooting of a knife-wielding man,yourcellan.com.
BALTIMORE &mdash,cheap jordans online; Baltimore police say an infant died during a protest of a recent police-involved shooting,cheap jordan shoes.

Police say the cause and manner of the infant's death will be determined by her doctor or the state medical examiner,cheap jordans free shipping.
Police say according to witnesses,cheap real jordans, the baby's mother was protesting and went into the restaurant to feed the baby, who then stopped breathing.

Elvis cheap air jo


The real che

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"The law does require that when people have such a change in their income or their resources, they're legally supposed to report that when they're on these benefits," he said. "They may not know that they're directed by the law to report it."
Neither Jones nor representatives from DHHS could say with certainty whether failure to comply with the new 20-hour work requirement for able-bodied adults without dependents could also trigger benefit suspension.
The bill would also institute strict consequences for applicants who don't accurately report their income on application forms. The first offense would result in a three-month benefit suspension for the entire household, including children. The third strike would permanently oust the household from food assistance.
Jones said that penalty is allowed under federal guidelines. "This clears the rules. The rules need to be clear."

Jones said 40 states are "using a federal loophole" that eases income and means qualification limits for applicants.
"People around here talk about federal dollars like it's manna from heaven," he said. "People like you and me and everyone else in North Carolina are federal taxpayers."
DHHS official David Locklear said applicants are recertified every six months and are required to report their employment status upon application and recertification. Tracking compliance, he said, is up to county social services departments.
The bill would direct any money saved by the new requirements to mental health needs. However,yourcellan.com, since the program is completely federally funded, the state wouldn't realize any savings.
Jones said it would still save money on the federal level.
Any winners receiving food assistance,cheap real jordans, Jones said, would need to be reassessed to see if they're still eligible.
Jones said the figure came from federal reporting requirements,real cheap jordans retro.
The measure passed the House Health Committee on a voice cote and could be on the House floor Thursday.
Rep. Beverly Earle, D-Mecklenburg, suggested that the $2,250 lottery winnings cutoff is too low, pointing out that food stamp recipients have very low incomes by definition.
By Laura Leslie
Raleigh,cheap jordans, N.C. &mdash,cheap air jordans; A bill unveiled Wednesday in the state House would require social service officials to cross-check their food stamp rolls with lottery winners every month.
House Bill 1047, sponsored by Rep. Bert Jones, R-Rockingham, would require lottery officials to submit a list of all people who won more than $2,250 to the Department of Health and Human Services, where administrators for the federal food benefits program known as SNAP would be required to check those names for enrollment.
"It has allowed millionaires and lottery winners to qualify for food stamps," he asserted. "As many as 4 million people may be receiving food stamps despite having resources above these federal limits."

More on this

"Most folks don't get enough food stamps for what they need," Earle said. "A $2,000 influx would just be an extra something to take care of some other bills that they have."

The jordans for cheap eternal life of Pablo and

David c

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,real cheap jordans retro

More Coverage


Published: October 13, 2016 — 3:58 PM EDT

The Philadelphia Inquirer

More Flyers previews >>>

Claude Giroux
Alex Ovechkin
Patrick Kane
Sidney Crosby
Steve Stamkos
Tampa Bay
John Tavares
NY Islanders
Joe Thornton
San Jose
Jamie Benn
Ryan Getzlaf
Anze Kopitar
Los Angeles
Source: NHL,cheap jordans.com
In the last six seasons,cheap air jordans, Flyers center Claude Giroux leads the NHL with a combined 443 points,yourcellan.com, an average of 74 points per year. Alex Ovechkin has the most goals in that span, Joe Thornton has the most assists,cheap air jordan shoes, and Sidney Crosby has the most points per game (1.29).

Paperback cheap jord

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In 2012, the couple moved to Center City,cheap jordans, to a house on the 200 block of South Bonsall Street in Fitler Square, just south of the Walnut Street Bridge. They decorated with the work of local artists, such as James Dupree, and from the Rittenhouse Square craft fairs. Halpern volunteers as a vice president for the Center City Residents' Association. (Their house is a stop on the Oct. 18 CCRA House Tour. Details at centercityresidents.org.)


Spare space becomesa money-making accommodation




The homeowners' bedroom is at the other end of the second-floor hallway, with its own bathroom, but of course. Theirs isn't the only type of arrangement on Airbnb, though: Some people rent out a whole apartment or house and leave; others rent out a room with a separate entrance.
Recently, a repeat Airbnb renter was staying for the week with his wife, a Penn graduate student, all the way from Singapore.

Best of all, guest and host can evaluate each other before signing a contract. Halpern and Aley can refuse Airbnb guests based on other hosts' reviews. Kuek and his wife researched their South Bonsall Street hosts, as well.
And the price is right. Homewood Suites charged about $200 a night, Kuek says. Halpern and Aley charge $80 to $100 a night, depending on the calendar.

"The photographs looked good, it was a good walking distance from school, and we can walk to Trader Joe's or Sotto, the Italian restaurant nearby. We really like the location, and if it's raining, my wife can take a quick Uber to campus," he says.
"It's quieter than University City, and safer," agrees the renter, Joshua Kuek, who travels to Philadelphia every few months with his wife for her psychology studies program. "We rented a hotel last time,yourcellan.com, and there was no interaction with Philadelphians or the culture. With Barbara and Carl, we can ask questions and learn the history of the city."
"We also like staying with people versus in a hotel like Homewood Suites for students. There's a personal touch. Carl tells me about sustainable farming and even brought me to one," Kuek says. Barbara sometimes bakes bread and "goes the extra mile. They are very welcoming."
We're talking about renting out that spare room in your home on Airbnb - all perfectly legal, by the way, in Philadelphia. Airbnb even collects the city tax now.

They even bid on an RV campground. (They didn't win.)

Published: October 11, 2015 — 3:01 AM EDT

A piece of advice: Consider how much of your personal space you're willing to share to make a little money, and check with your homeowners' insurance regarding limits on policy coverage and number of days allowed for rental guests.

"We took a course on how to buy and run a B&B,cheap jordan shoes, and we would have needed at least 10 rooms to make money," Aley recalls. "But as owners, you might have to live in the basement. The nice rooms all have to be rented. That taught us pretty quick, we didn't want to do it."
You fantasize about it in retirement, but would you actually like it?
Halpern especially likes that they have met all sorts of worldly folks. The first Airbnb renter was a micro-lender from Tanzania, a woman who was "fascinating in her personal life and her work."

Meet one couple who took the plunge and love renting out their second-floor bedroom: Barbara Halpern, 62, a lawyer, and husband Carl Aley, 72, a retired aerospace engineer, who say they meet interesting people from both the United States and abroad while making a small profit.
"It's extremely quiet on Bonsall Street because of the architecture of the rowhomes," Halpern says, and the tiny side alley has little car traffic.
Halpern and Aley had been empty-nesters in Abington. They love to travel, and once retired they considered opening a bed-and-breakfast.

A Vietnamese couple visited for the papal weekend from Houston. "He worked as a translator for the U.S. Army, and toward the end of the Vietnam War, they escaped as boat people," Aley says. "We used to travel a lot and meet people overseas. Now, they travel to us."

This year,cheap jordans online, they decided to take the big step and list the house on Airbnb. Their upstairs guest bedroom sports a Keurig coffee machine, a crystal port wine decanter and glasses, and a big-screen TV. Around the corner is a newly renovated bathroom with a walk-in shower and a sink with commissioned pottery and marble.
"What gave us the courage was a friend who did it and told me they had a very positive experience," Halpern says. "She said, 'It's easy, they just sleep here. You don't have to serve breakfast or anything.' And I like welcoming people to Philadelphia with a positive outlook on our city. It's important to me."
The couple have rented out their guest room to about 20 people in the last few months,www.yourcellan.com.

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Jeremy www.you

Adam cheap jordan shoes Graham

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Exactly what kind of seat your child needs and how they should be installed varies widely - depending on your child's age and size and even the kind of car you drive.
But it's critically important to get right,yourcellan.com. Car seats - especially when they are used properly - save lives. Just consider these numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

In a 2015 report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 94 percent of babies to eight-year-olds were restrained in those safety seats.
Let's start with the good news first: When they hop in the car, most kids,cheap jordans free shipping, ages 8 and under, still use a car seat or booster seat.
Common mistakes, Morris says, include car seats and straps that aren’t tight enough; use of the wrong seat for the age, weight and size of the child; the wrong position in the car (rear facing vs. forward facing); and using too many belts to attach the seat.
Morris estimates that he has installed or inspected more than 40,000 car seats since he began in 1983, and has won several awards for his work. Today,cheap air jordans, he teaches free,www.yourcellan.com, two-hour child passenger safety classes for expectant parents at the REX Women’s Center.

"Mostly, I see a car seat that’s just wrong, with several things wrong, and the parents don’t know that there’s a problem," he said.
He also inspects car seats at the REX Women’s Center entrance, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., weekdays. Appointments are not necessary, but you can call 919-784-1802 to verify that he’s on duty. Rex has a handy pamphlet in PDF form with some tips.

More on this

This misuse happens most frequently with forward-facing car seats - 61 percent aren't installed properly. About 50 percent of rear-facing infant car seats; 44 percent of rear-facing convertible car seats; 24 percent of backless booster seats; and 16 percent of high back booster seats also aren't used the right way.
SaferCar.gov, American Academy of Pediatrics and Buckle Up NC has more information. And be sure to join us at 10 a.m., Wednesday, on Go Ask Mom's Facebook page, when you can learn more from Morris and ask questions.
These figures likely are no surprise to Chris Morris, a retired state trooper with the N.C. State Highway Patrol, who joined UNC Rex Healthcare in 2003 as a certified child passenger safety instructor.
But, even though we have those seats in our vehicles, many of us parents still are using them all wrong. In fact, the same report found that 46 percent of car seats and booster seats aren't properly used.
When Morris inspects car seats, he said parents often aren't even aware that they are doing anything incorrectly.
By Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
Morris will participate in a Facebook Live video interview at 10 a.m.,cheap jordans, Wednesday (Oct. 12), on Go Ask Mom's Facebook page. He'll be talking about car seat safety and fielding your questions about what's best for your child.

10 cheap real jordans ...an_2The New Establishment

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. - This is Ryan Arcidiacono's team. Villanova coach Jay Wright has said as much, many times. So have his teammates, to a man. And it's been his team for a while. Thursday night,cheap jordans for sale, "Arch" played like someone who didn't want this to be his last college game. The way the Wildcats followed his lead,cheap air jordans, maybe the next one won't be his last, either. In their first Sweet 16 game in seven years, he came out and set the tone. The first eight minutes belonged to him. And to Villanova, even after top scorer Josh Hart took a seat on the bench with two fouls. First, Arcidiacono hit a three-pointer from the left wing off an inbounds play. Then he fed Jalen Brunson for a three on the same side,cheap jordans, and it was 8-0. Later he hit a 15-footer from the right wing on which he even drew contact and didn't get the call. That was followed by two free throws, off a sequence in which he'd knocked the ball away at midcourt to set up a break. He would nail another jumper from the right wing, and get the call. He did miss the foul shot,yourcellan.com, but Miami was called for a lane violation so he got another chance. He didn't waste it. Finally, he swished a three from the left wing to make it 20-10. Soon it was 29-14. While the Hurricanes would get close a few times, they never led. Eventually the Wildcats turned it into their third straight joke of this NCAA Tournament in as many opportunities, which means they're headed back to the Elite Eight for the third time in the Wright era. The last time it happened, they made it all the way to the national semifinals. The best thing about this team is it has so many ways to beat you. Kris Jenkins went 8-for-10, 5-for-6 from the arc (including one from at least 35 feet to beat the clock), to go with a team-high nine rebounds on a night when there were few to be grabbed. And don't forget those four assists. Hart scored 14 in 21 minutes. Center Daniel Ochefu, like Arch, shot 7-for-11 despite "tweaking" his finally healed right ankle early in the second half. But it has to start somewhere. It was hardly surprising that this one began with No. 15, which will be hanging from the Pavilion rafters some day. "It just happened," said Arcidiacono, who like Jenkins played 35 minutes. "I did not want it to be the end (of his career). I want to go to Houston (next week). That's what we're playing for." He has played 141 games and started 140,cheap retro jordans, both more than any other Wildcat. The only reason he hasn't started them all is because as a sophomore he let a walk-on friend get his final moment on the Main Line. That didn't just happen. That's him. It's why he's been a captain since midway through his freshman season. "He just came out and did the things Arch does," said freshman guard Brunson, his roommate and backcourt partner. "We know he can do those things. It's almost like we expect it. He knew what we needed. It could have been anyone, but it was him." Before this tourney began, Arch hadn't been past the second round. He was 2-3 in NCAA games, which tended to overshadow the fact that the Wildcats had won like 90 percent of their other games these last three seasons. None of that matters anymore. He won't have to leave with any kind of asterisk. One less thing, as a wise man once said. Whatever happens Saturday or beyond, he's left a lasting impression. And it could still get a whole lot better before he has to hug Wright for the last time. "We've seen him do that many times in his career," Hart said. "We love it. A lot of (opponents) hate it. He's our rock. Whatever we need, he gives to us. It's amazing to see. He's just so mature. He put us on his back and carried us (early). And that makes the rest of us more dangerous." Arch finished with 21 points, matching Jenkins. He had four assists and three steals. And one turnover, an uncharacteristic giveaway near halfcourt early in the second half. That happens, too. Just not very often. After his opening flurry, he went 20 minutes without scoring. Then he added back-to-back buckets, a layup to beat the clock and a three that made it a 12-point game with 14 minutes to go. The rest of the way he was content to mostly let everyone else do their thing. "It was just a mindset," Arcidiacono said. "I wanted to be aggressive, for plays that were called for me and just read the defense . . . I think I was making the right play at the time. I found myself getting open looks. I have to credit my teammates for finding me. (Other teams) can't key on one person. We're not trying to have one guy go off." That seems to be the theme. But if you're Wright, it's comforting to know that your rock is doing what a rock is supposed to do when the finish line is one loss away. "He just has a way of knowing what the team needs at each individual time," Wright marveled. "I'm sure he thought, 'OK, we're in the Sweet 16. I'm a senior. I'm going to make sure we get going right away.' I think everyone on the team feels like, 'Thank God Arch is taking this over.' "We never tell him to do it. Sometimes we have to say, 'Arch, you haven't taken a shot in seven minutes.' We never have to tell him the other way. It's what's made him so special." Here's to at least one more opportunity to not call it a career. kernm@phillynews.com @mikekerndn More Coverage Published: March 24, 2016 ?? 10:56 PM EDT | Updated: March 24, 2016 ?? 11:18 PM EDT Philadelphia Daily News


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Saquon Barkley reflects on journey from Rutgers fan to Penn State star

Erin McCarthy

Updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 6:38 PM

Penn State head coach James Franklin celebrates a 41-14 win against Iowa with running back Saquon Barkley (26) on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016, at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pa.

Saquon Barkley wasnt much of a Penn State football fan when he was growing up in the Lehigh Valley.
Of course, the Nittany Lions were always on TV in his hometown of Coplay. A kid couldnt avoid them. But Barkley was more of an NFL guy.
When he would watch college football, he cheered for Rutgers. When he would play NCAA football video games, he would always be the Scarlet Knights.
So,real cheap jordans retro, naturally,cheap air jordans, when Rutgers was the first Division I school to offer him a scholarship his sophomore year of high school, Barkley made a verbal commitment.
Much has changed since then for the star running back. On Saturday, Barkley rushed for 92 yards and helped Penn State shut out the Rutgers team he once idolized. For the Lions, Barkley has surpassed 1,000 yards this season, a mark he reached last year as a true freshman. And with a win this week, Penn State could advance to the Big Ten championship, thanks in part to Barkleys performance this season.
How did Barkley, the die-hard Rutgers fan, end up here?

It started with the four-overtime win against Michigan his junior year of high school. He watched players like Christian Hackenberg and Allen Robinson help orchestrate that comeback.
"The fight that they had, they would never quit," Barkley said. "Thats what you want. Thats the kind of program you want to play for."
Barkley wanted to develop that same ability to battle adversity. After witnessing the 2013 Michigan game while on a recruiting visit to Happy Valley, he would watch Penn State games and wonder how he could make an impact.
"Oh,cheap jordan shoes, maybe I can do this, score this touchdown,cheap real jordans," he recalled thinking as a high schooler.
Barkley scored eight touchdowns his freshman season at Penn State,cheap jordans free shipping, but the team finished with a 7-6 record. This season, Barkley has already logged 16 scores, and the Nittany Lions are ranked in the top 10 of both the College Football Playoff and AP polls.
Barkley has never been happier with his choice to attend Penn State.

"We got something special going right now. We know that. Were aware of that. Im just happy that Im able to be part of that," Barkley said. "Coming to this school was the best decision of my life."
On Saturday, the Lions can advance to the Big Ten championship, if they beat Michigan State and Ohio State beats Michigan.
Penn State-Michigan State kicks off at 3:30 p.m., after the noon Ohio State-Michigan matchup.
The team will try, of course, not to pay attention to the results of that earlier game. Coach James Franklin has preached that mentality all week.
However, Barkley conceded that silencing outside noise is much easier said than done.
"Am I going to take a look at the Ohio State game? No. But its 2016 .. youre going to be a little aware," Barkley said. "I feel like as a team we cant focus on that. We can only control what we can control, and thats Michigan State right now."

"If its meant for us," he added, "the rest of it will take care of itself."

Erin McCarthy

Read full story: Saquon Barkley reflects on journey from Rutgers fan to Penn State star




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Vic Carucci's...at way - The Buffalo News

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business A crash course on car insurance Kevin Brasler and Delaware Valley Consumers' Checkbook, For The Inquirer Updated: Sunday, November 6, 2016,cheap air jordans, 2:01 AM If you haven't shopped around for a better auto-insurance rate, you should. Like, now. Nonprofit consumer group Delaware Valley Consumers' Checkbook magazine and Checkbook.org compared prices charged by the Philadelphia area's largest auto insurers and found that most area drivers will save $500 or more a year by making a better auto-insurance choice. Many will save $1,cheap jordans free shipping,000 or more. For the next month, Checkbook is offering free access to its ratings of auto-insurance companies to Inquirer readers through this link: www.checkbook.org/inquirer/auto-insurance. Here are the types of savings that Checkbook found to be available to most area families: A couple with two cars living in Montgomery County with clean driving records would pay $895 with GEICO, $1,082 with Progressive, or $1,138 with Esurance, compared with $1,962 with Allstate, $1,984 with State Farm, and more than $3,000 with Donegal or Penn National. If that couple moved to Cherry Hill, they would pay $1,160 with Esurance, $1,197 with Palisades, or $1,307 with GEICO, compared with $3,000 or more with AAA, Farmers, or State Farm. If they needed to add a teenage son to their policy, they would pay $1,cheap real jordans,880 with Progressive or $2,045 with GEICO, compared with $3,864 with State Farm and more than $4,000 with several other companies. Although it's a bit of a pain to shop for auto insurance, most consumers would agree that spending a few hours to save $500, $1,000, or more every year is worth the effort. Note that you don't have to wait until your current policy term expires to take advantage of the savings you'd get from a switcheroo. When you switch to a lower-priced company, your old insurance company will refund the unused share of your premium. You also don't have to forsake service for a better rate. In addition to comparing the prices offered by local insurance companies, Checkbook asked insurance customers and auto-body shops to rate insurers for their claims-handling service. Checkbook's ratings reveal that some highly regarded companies offer low rates. You might think that if you've been driving for many years without an accident and with few speeding tickets,cheap air jordan shoes, insurance companies will offer you their best rates. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily the case. Insurers increasingly are offering their best rates only to customers who meet criteria that have nothing to do with their driving histories. For example, most companies offer their lowest rates only to customers who have excellent credit scores and are college graduates and homeowners. And insurers are increasingly using secretive methods to calculate rates. With most companies, Checkbook found, your credit score and other information may matter more than your driving record. The appropriateness of using credit histories and other similar data in setting insurance rates is a hotly debated topic among the insurance industry and consumer groups. Companies clearly charge far higher rates to customers with poor credit scores than they do to people with good scores. Checkbook found, for example, that for one driver profile of a 38-year-old female driver with "excellent" credit, she would pay, on average, $936 more per year if she had a "fair" credit score. Compare that increase with the $775 penalty for having a recent at-fault accident or the $595 penalty for having two recent speeding tickets. Checkbook's comparison tool will help many families identify the lowest-cost companies for them, but because we found that small differences in policyholder characteristics, many of which have nothing to do with driving records, can have big effects on some companies' premiums, be sure to check the rates yourself. You want to buy enough coverage to protect yourself - but not so much that you're wasting money. Avoid common car-insurance mistakes by doing the following: Make sure you maintain the highest deductible amount with which you're comfortable. Be vigilant that your coverage doesn't lapse. Consider dropping collision coverage when your vehicle's value drops below $3,000 or so. When shopping for coverage,jordans for cheap, find out how much more it will cost to raise the limits beyond standard coverage. It is usually inexpensive to increase limits for liability coverage above the standard amounts. Carefully consider the extras. Some optional coverages aren't worth much, but companies charge a lot for them. For repairs, insist on using a shop you can trust - as long as it charges reasonable rates. At Checkbook.org, you'll also find ratings of area auto-body shops for quality and price. Delaware Valley Consumers' Checkbook magazine and Checkbook.org is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help consumers get the best service and lowest prices. It is supported by consumers and takes no money from the service providers that it evaluates. You can access all of Checkbook's ratings of car-insurance companies free of charge until Dec. 7 at www.checkbook.org/inquirer/auto-insurance. Kevin Brasler and Delaware Valley Consumers' Checkbook, For The Inquirer Read full story: A crash course on car insurance Facebook Twitter Facebook


Horoscopes cheap jorda...turday, November 19, 2016

Giroux and Manning exc...ent Flyers busy stretch_1

#78 by coliny1nb1l 29.11.2016 - 13:36
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Back in 2007, when Daryl Hall came up with the idea for his online music show Live From Daryls House, he was motivated in part by being able to go to work without leaving home. Slideshow Daryl Hall takes his newest collaboration on tour Advertisment of Gallery: "Ive been traveling around the world forever," says Hall, the 65-year-old Pottstown native who, along with John Oates, made up one of the best-selling duos in music history, with No. 1 hits that included "Kiss on My List," "Private Eyes," and "I Cant Go for That (No Can Do)." "But the Internet allows you to turn everything upside down," says Hall, on the phone this week from his house in Dutchess County, N.Y., where Live From Daryls House is filmed. "You dont have to deal with any gatekeepers. It allows you to basically have your own station and do whatever you want to do." This month, with 55 shows under his belt,cheap jordans, the latest of which teams him with Cee-Lo Green of The Voice and "F You" fame,cheap jordans online, what Hall wants to do is take Live From Daryls House on the road. On an eight-date tour, Hall is being joined by funk-soul belter Sharon Jones and his fair-haired protégé Allen Stone, in whats being billed as the Live From Daryls House: Nu-Soul Revue. Along with Philadelphia cheesesteak impresario Tony Luke Jr., who will serve up the culinary aspect of whats become part of the LFDH format, the show comes to the Poland Music Box at the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City on Saturday. Back when Live From Daryls House was just an idea being batted around with associates such as his longtime bass player Tom "T-bone" Wolk, who died in 2010, what Hall wanted to do most was find a way to play music on his own terms with his own band at his own house. "T-Bone and I talked about it, and right away we knew it couldnt just be me playing my songs," the singer says of the monthly show. Instead, they thought theyd bring in a mix of little-known and established artists to play their own songs, and Halls,cheap jordan shoes, in a relaxed setting. Travis McCoy "was the perfect first guest," says Hall. (The Gym Class Heroes singer is such a Hall & Oates mega-fan that he had images of the pop duo tattooed on the back of his hands (yes,cheap jordans free shipping, one on each hand). "I just watched that show again to edit it for TV" in addition to being available free at LiveFromDarylsHouse.com, the show is now in syndication, and is shown on CBS3 in Philadelphia at 2:05 a.m. on Sunday mornings "and right from the get-go it was working. The whole idea was .. to show what musicians are like when theyre not doing their act. Having fun, hanging out, telling jokes." The show also proves Hall to be a savvy career strategist, shrewdly adapting to the digital age while offering exposure to admiring young acts such as L.A. retro-soul band Fitz & the Tantrums or Philadelphia neoclassic pop songwriter Nikki Jean, as well as such old associates as Upper Darbys own Todd Rundgren, with whom Hall played in Hawaii in a special, far-flung episode of the show. As music-industry blogger Bob Lefsetz put it, "Daryl Halls show is not going to go network and eclipse Dancing With the Stars,cheap real jordans, never mind American Idol, but an ever-growing coterie will become aware of it, allowing his flame to burn ever brighter, allowing him to continue to play music for a living." The show specializes in new faces like Stone, 24,


#79 by arlon60yc2r 01.12.2016 - 11:52
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Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos did his final trick on Americas Got Talent on Tuesday night, and even if oddsmakers dont favor him to win, folks on social media offered plenty of support.

Dorenbos latest appearance was more sentimental this time around, with the veteran Eagle telling viewers that magic "taught me dont hate, dont blame, and forgive." His card-based trick, while less flashy than previous appearances, earned a standing ovation.

Should Dorenbos win Americas Got Talent, he will earn a headlining show in Las Vegas,yourcellan.com, and a $1 million grand prize. The winner will be announced at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Voting is currently closed.

What an amazing time! Thank you @nbcagt and @Eagles hope you enjoyed the performance #eagles #philly #agt pic.twitter.com/s5b6WF6MHw

Jon Dorenbos (@JonDorenbos) September 14,real cheap jordans retro, 2016

@mreeseeagles I read this in ur voice and he's getting my vote!

JB (@PhillyLoyalty) September 14, 2016

I've never seen anybody but Jon Dorenbos on AGT so I voted for him 10 times but I gotta say I'm intrigued by whatever Tape Face is.

Spike Eskin (@SpikeEskin) September 14, 2016

Vote for Jon Dorenbos to win America's Got Talent! @NBCPhiladelphia see his inspirational message. What a Bird! pic.twitter.com/svWMTp446c

Monique Braxton (@MoniqueBraxton) September 14, 2016

My man @JonDorenbos crushed it again!! Go vote for him! pic.twitter,cheap air jordans.com/TYOXtpIUH0

Chris Maragos (@ChrisMaragos) September 14, 2016

Vote for our guy @JonDorenbos! Let's bring this home! He's an inspiration to us all #Vote4Jon https://t.co/9RNiYJJgqU

Zach Ertz (@ZERTZ_86) September 14, 2016

Big @JonDorenbos just killed it again on America's Got Talent! Vote for him people, he is amazing

John Kruk (@JohnKruk) September 14, 2016

I voted to the max for my good friend Jon Dorenbos on AGT. Have you? He's amazing and a fabulous person!!!! @Eagles https://t.co/aG2BfSYUn0

Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) September 14, 2016

Simon just loves Dorenbos

Danny Pommells (@DPommellsCSN) September 14, 2016

Ah, the life of a long-snapper.
Good luck in the voting overnight to @JonDorenbos. https://t.co/zMGFsuNXDX

Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) September 14, 2016

Jon Dorenbos has to stuff these other nerds in their lockers backstage of #AGT

JJ Maloney (@JMaloney61) September 14, 2016

Jon Dorenbos is a wizard

kevin may (@Kevin_May87) September 14, 2016

Dorenbos please rip the tape off that dude's face! #Eagles

C. James Philly (@cjamesPhilly) September 14, 2016

Only magic trick I wanna see Jon Dorenbos do is make a Lombardi trophy appear out of thin air

Bobby (@Bobby_Heck) September 14, 2016

Jon Dorenbos' hype video for the America's got Talent finals was better than the actual Eagles hype video for this season

Cam Verrette (@camverrette1) September 14, 2016

Jon Dorenbos' hype video for the America's got Talent finals was better than the actual Eagles hype video for this season

Cam Verrette (@camverrette1) September 14, 2016

jon dorenbos is the????

Scotty (@CMcGrenera) September 14, 2016

Dorenbos' real magic trick was breaking up this @Phillies tie in the 8th

Christina Betz (@StinaBetz) September 14, 2016

Jon Dorenbos on AGT > Entire Eagles history...??

Stoned Philly Fan (@StonedPhillyFan) September 14, 2016

@_Philly_Talk @joey_wagss omg if tape face beats dorenbos that'll be like the Rams over the packers AINT HAPPENING

Philly_Fan8611 (@RockyVonelli6) September 14, 2016

"When you're down don't listen to yourself, talk to yourself."

- Jon Dorenbos on #AmericasGotTalent

Minister Hogan (@Anthony_11Six) September 14, 2016

Jon Dorenbos did magic for me as an underage kid at the bar down the street 10 years ago, was cool as hell and a god damn wizard then too

Rob McGinnis (@robmcginnis) September 14, 2016

Great,cheap retro jordans, I wasn't planning on voting for Jon Dorenbos, but now I feel like I have to because of that stupid good motivating speech. #AGT

Karen (@KarenGCoronho) September 14, 2016

If Dorenbos is such a good magician, why is Harambe still dead?

Brian P. Hickey (@BrianPHickey) September 14, 2016

Jon Dorenbos's greatest magic trick was making Sam Bradford disappear, and replacing him with a 1st and a 4th #AGTFinale

Chris (@StashingtonDC) September 14,cheap jordan shoes, 2016

Published: September 14, 2016 ?? 8:34 AM EDT
| Updated: September 14, 2016 ?? 8:37 AM EDT


Year-round school budg...tricts, parents WRAL.com

#80 by artin36ed3w 01.12.2016 - 11:57
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problem with trying to place them to do what they do well and feature that." But Carroll and most coaches would prefer to have interchangeable safeties. That is why Jenkins and McLeod are priceless. Either one could play free or strong. But for the most part, McLeod patrols center field while Jenkins stays closer to the box. Jenkins admits that a quasi version of attention deficit disorder keeps him from wanting to play back more. In his current role, he not only gets to make plays in the backfield against the run, but he'll cover both tight ends and slot receivers,cheap air jordans, while also making all the calls and checks for the secondary. "What am I asked to do - there's only one other safety in the league that's doing that and it's [the Cardinals'] Tyrann Mathieu," Jenkins said. "Nobody else is doing what us two are doing. And that's a fact. Rodney is more of a free, but at any point in time, depending upon who we're playing and what the matchup is, he can do all the stuff that I'm doing. I just get bored playing deep." McLeod has a similar skill set to Thomas. He's also similarly sized (5-10, 195). Eagles safety Jaylen Watkins, who has seen his playing time increase with Jenkins jumping into the slot in the nickel defense, said he has spent a lot of time studying Thomas and sees comparisons between the two. His coach at Florida, Will Muschamp, was the first to try and convert him from cornerback to safety. Because Muschamp had just come from Texas,cheap retro jordans, he had Watkins watch film of Thomas, a former Longhorn. "They have the two highest motors I've ever seen,cheap jordans free shipping," Watkins said. "Playing with Rodney, I get to see that his motor is nonstop." McLeod has had to cover extra ground because he and Jenkins have been asked to compensate for the cornerbacks. The Eagles won't say as much, but outsiders see it. "Those two guys," Carroll said,www.yourcellan.com, "are really centerpieces." Hurry Curry Vinny Curry has just one sack in nine games. While they are often the most cited meter for assessing a defensive lineman's performance, sacks or a lack thereof don't always tell the full story. Curry has impacted the game in other ways. He has seven quarterback hurries and three tackles for loss. But even those numbers pale in comparison to his production during the three previous seasons, when he was playing fewer snaps in a 3-4 defense that supposedly didn't take advantage of his skills. "It's all about making the best of your opportunity,jordans for cheap," Curry said Thursday. Curry is the highest-paid defensive end on the Eagles, but he plays less (44 (percent) than Brandon Graham (77 percent) and Connor Barwin (74 percent). Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was asked if he was getting enough production out of Curry aside from the lack of sacks. "There's a lot of other ways to contribute," he said. "We don't define ourselves by stats." Schwartz went on to note the intentional grounding penalty that defensive tackle Bennie Logan forced last week and the tipped pass by Barwin that led to an interception the week before, but he never specifically mentioned Curry, nor did he answer the question. Facing the Cover 3 again It isn't very often that teams see similar defenses in back-to-back games, but the Eagles will face a Seahawks scheme this Sunday that is like the Falcons' defense. Atlanta coach Dan Quinn was Seattle's defensive coordinator from 2013-14 and he brought with him many of the base concepts - a 4-3

Sixers cheap real jordans stil

Temples jordans for ch... course until crazy endin

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