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“The Heart Age Test is really important as it gives an immediate idea of heart attack and stroke risk, with no doctor’s appointment needed.”
As part of its One You campaign, this week PHE has launched a more up to date version of the Heart Age Test and is encouraging people to take three minutes out of the day to check their heart health.
People who take the test will be referred to apps,cheap authentic jordans, advice and resources to help them eat and drink better, get active, and quit smoking to improve their health.
For the first time,, the test will direct users to their nearest blood pressure station if they do not know theirs, as those with high blood pressure are more at risk of heart disease or stroke.
Around half of those taking the test since it launched in February 2015 did not know their blood pressure numbers.
High blood pressure is often symptomless and 5.6 million people in England currently have high blood pressure but do not know it.
Dr Mike Knapton,cheap air jordans, Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation, added: “It’s extremely worrying that so many people don’t know their blood pressure or cholesterol levels, as these silent conditions can lead to a deadly heart attack or stroke if untreated.
“The Heart Age Test is a quick and easy way to estimate the number of years you will live in good health. If you are concerned by the age of your heart,jordan shoes, make an appointment with your GP.”
The campaign runs throughout September in partnership with cardiovascular charities British Heart Foundation,cheap jordans for sale, Stroke Association and Blood Pressure UK.
Katherine Jenner, CEO of Blood Pressure UK, said: “We’re pleased to be teaming up with the Heart Age Test to create an easier way to put people in control of their health.
“Getting your blood pressure tested in your nearest pharmacy or health centre can be the first important step to prolonging your life.”
Dr J.P.V.D. (Dacre), died this day in 1977, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford,cheap wholesale jordans, 1928 - 1969, historian,,cheap jordans free shipping, teacher and friend, remembered with thanksgiving. John Symons...
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Richard G.G. September 17th,jordans for cheap, 1946. On your Birthday, remembering your laughter and love of the sea. With love, as always, Caroline and family.
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Beatrice, 17th September 1995. Treasured memories always, love Angela,, Barbara and David.
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Daisy Laure. Remembering with love always and especially today your Birthday. Dessie.
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Stanley. A service to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Stanley Baldwin is being held in Worcester Cathedral on Sunday 17th September 2017...
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Second Lieutenant Danny Moir RM killed in Aden on the 12th September 1967. “A brave man leading from the front” and remembered this day by...
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