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The ultra-Orthodox?parties form a key part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's governing coalition,cheap jordans online,cheap jordans online, and have often acted as kingmakers in Israeli politics.
The issue is part of a decades-old debate over whether young ultra-Orthodox,, studying at seminaries should undergo compulsory military service like the rest of Israel's Jewish population,cheap jordans free shipping,cheap wholesale jordans.
After reaching the age of 18,cheap jordan shoes,jordans for cheap, men must serve two years and eight months, and women must serve for two.
The ultra-Orthodox?oppose serving for a variety of reasons,,cheap wholesale jordans,,, with the most extreme believing a Jewish state is not allowed before the coming of the Messiah.
Others argue that seminary study is just as important to Israel as military service or that ultra-Orthodox,cheap retro jordans,cheap real jordans?soldiers would be confronted with salty language and other irreligious behaviour,jordan shoes.
The highest paid vice-Chancellor in the country has been accused of presiding over a “cover-up” to prevent further details about her vast salary emerging,cheap jordans.
Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, who was paid ?451,,cheap jordan shoes,cheap air jordans,000 last year for her role as vice-chancellor at Bath University,, is understood to have voted down a motion about the lack of transparency of the institution’s Remuneration Committee which decides on her pay packet.
The claims are being examined by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce) as part of an investigation into "governance practice in relation to the remuneration of senior staff&quot,cheap real jordans,; at Bath University.